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I had so many chuck e. cheese parties when I was kid, that this year was the year for Ardo to experience his very own. This isn't Ardos first time at chuck e. cheese and because of youtube both my boys watch chuck e. adventures on youtube so not only are these guys fans of chuck e., but they love Helen, Pascually, Jasper and Munch. Yeah Pascually....I swear I never knew the Italian drummer had a name. Description of Photo Ardo had the best time! This was our smallest party to date, but our close friends and close cousins were there to celebrate Ardo turning 6. Chuck E. Cheese taught me a bit about patience too. Usually I'm used to going in and setting up anytime I want, but at Chuck E. Cheese I had to work on their schedule. It was fine tho and reminded me that I don't have control over everything and I can wait. Isn't that what we always remind our kids. Description of Photo I wanted to make Ardo's party, even at Chuck E. Cheese where I know they usually do everything I still wanted it to be as special as possible. We had sprinkles cupcakes. I tried making him a small little sign, it didnt come out quite as I wanted but we made it work. I played off the pizza theme so as favors for the kids, my sister and I made them these pizza piñatas. We put candy inside and an easy open top. These took 3 days to make but we loved the way they came out and the kids really loved them too. Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo I found this vintage Chuck E. Cheese shirt on Etsy for Ardo. When it arrived it was just a little bit short, and I was gonna have him wear a different shirt, but once I put it on Ardo that was it for him. He wouldn't let me take it off of him. He loved it so much. I've since given it to James because its just too small, but that's fine because James loves Chuck E. too. Description of Photo Love my sweet boy!


happy friday

What a busy weekend I have coming up. Tomorrow we are celebrating Ardo's 6th birthday (eventho his actual birthday is on the 25th) at Chuck E. Cheese. This is my very first Chuck E. Cheese party and I'm so excited! When my sister Marcy and I were kids we always had our parties at Chuck E. Cheese. I love that both my boys love Chuck E. Cheese but having a birthday party there just feels full circle for me. Can't wait to share more! How do you like the changes I've made around the blog? Sharing more on that very soon too. Have a Happy Friday Friends!



Saturday the boys and I went to the Long Beach Aquarium. Sometimes I don't realize how much they are growing up, considering the tens of thousands of snacks I get them on any given day. But then we go over to the Aquarium and these boys show me their independence and its so wonderful. No one to nurse, stroller is optional, they only thing we are still "working on" with James is that pesky (actually not so pesky sometimes) diaper. While I don't love changing diapers, how come kids tell you they have to go to the restroom seconds before they literally need to go? WHY?! Diapers can be a little convenient...but I know, we're working on James.

We haven't had a trip to the aquarium in a little bit so the boys were very interested. We stared at the sea horses for a solid 10 minutes.
Description of Photo and the jellyfish. Description of Photo The Sea Lions were our absolute FAVORITE! There was one Sea Lion that had so much attitude as it passed through. It was so cute and funny and my boys felt so close to the animals. Another Sea Lion just bathed in the sun and the boys watched and watched.
Description of Photo Description of Photo

Snack time at the Aquarium, okay guys this is not at all sponsored but I just want to share how much I LOVE these Snack in a Box containers for snacks. I thought maaaybe Ardo was a little too old for them, but not at all. You can fit quite a bit in them, and they are easy to clean and easy to use and they seal. Green for Ardo and Orange for James because that's their favorite colors.
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After snacks we checked out the sharks then this shark came showing his teeth...ummm just a little bit scary!
Description of Photo
Description of Photo I love when they do this on their own.
Saturday was a great day!

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