5 years old: flashback

Hi guys, so I don't want to go crazy trying to catch my life up but if there's something I want to share, I'd say Thursdays TBT and Friday FBF are perfect for it.This is one of those things.

Last year Ardo turned 5. I had so many emotions about my baby turning 5. It's so weird because 2,3,4 I was totally fine with, but 5 was a whole new thing. Maybe because I knew the next chapter was going to start, that being kindergarten? And kindergarten has been a whole new world for us (hours of homework for a 5 year old is not the biz). The day of Ardo's 5th birthday I woke up ready to start the day, and I had a text from my sister (and business partner) with a little movie. I started watching and my sister had made me a video of 5 years of Ardo. Okay so I probably haven't made this a big deal, but I am absolutely NOT a crier. You know those people that watch a commercial or a sad movie and just bawl. Yeah that's totally not me. I just don't do it, and it's weird because I can be very passionate and angry and super happy, but crying just doesn't connect with me unless I guess it's worthy. So I started to watch this movie and it was so sweet and then as the little mid-videos went on and as I watched Ardo grow, I really got emotional and all the emotions of being a mom and surviving 5 years just rushed me. In 5 years I now had another child and two times the bedrest, and two times the nursing and just how much it all meant to me. Every thought came over me and I cried. Also I mean how amazing is my sister. She took so much time making sure that I also had a gift on this momentous birthday. So with all that, please enjoy this video and Happy Friday!


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