nursing {a one year old}

james turns one A whole year of nursing. A. WHOLE. YEAR. You know guys, I can't tell you how proud of myself I am that we made it to a whole year. Because it wasn't easy…it just wasn't. At 2 months I remember thinking what life would be like 6 months from now? Would I have nursing down, or would I still be using that damn nipple shield. (I'm sorry nipple shield because you were good to me and you helped us, but I just didn't want to use you.) But the way I see it is, it doesn't matter how i got here, I got here and my sweet James didn't need any formula and really, that's all I wanted. Now I am nursing a one year old…a one year old with TEETH! 6 teeth to be exact. When James' teeth first broke through I didn't notice a difference but as soon as they grew a little bit more my nipples started to take a beating. James seemed to be relearning how to latch and also trying to figure out what purpose his teeth would serve. Meanwhile, my nipples were getting bit and gnawed and they didn't appreciate it. I had to learn to say HOLY SH*T in the softest voice because I really didn't want to scare him. All the stars were aligned perfectly because as I was going through this transition I was contacted by Milkies asking if I'd like to sample their Nipple Nurture Balm. YES PLEASE!! Milkies sent me their ointment and I immediately started using it. My nipples were instantly relieved. The balm was so soft and added a layer of protection. I was a little concerned James wouldn't like the taste of the balm because now that he's older he has a better sense of what he likes and what he doesn't like, but he had no problem. James didn't seem to notice anything.
I used my balm for 2 weeks straight after every nursing session, and since then I use every morning after my showers. James has seemed to have found his way back and rarely bites anymore but just in case I want to make sure I'm protecting James' breakfast snack midday snack and after dinner snack. :) james turns one As you can see how soft the balm looks, my room can be a little bit hotter so the balm can get even softer (if you can imagine that) and very soothing. james turns one We are big fans of milkies around here. I am so happy with their Nipple Nurture Balm, I'm also happy I've really been able to make it last me. james turns one A little park nursing session with my happy one year old and because of milkies amazing product, a happy mama. james turns one

Milkies sent me their product to review but all opinions are of course my own.


  1. Congrats on making it to a year. :) I will have to try this, I haven't found a nipple cream I really like even after nursing 2 kids.

  2. You go mama! <3 I wish I would have nursed both mine that long! I went 8 months with my first & 5 months with my 2nd. I ended both because of jobs.


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