magical playground

magical playground Its been a little crazy around these parts. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share here on the blog but I figured this blog is about my life and a major change has happened in my life. I was laid off a few weeks ago. After 10 years with my company I was laid off. The company I worked for was amazing and always so supportive through my bed rest and pregnancies and after, but unfortunately the company is going through a bit of a change and I was laid off. So just like that … I'm a stay at home mom with two little kiddies. Life around here has been crazy, I honestly didn't realize the huge adjustment I'd have to staying at home. I thought, okay I got this, I'm home Thursdays and weekends, it's the same thing right? Everyone on instagram has 2-3-4 kids and their house is clean and kids look great…it'll be easy. NO. Not easy, barely instagram worthy, and when does anyone shower??? When? I've been trying to get us on some kind of schedule, and plan for James birthday and keep my sanity all at the same time. I'm just really grateful it cooled down for a little bit, 80's I can handle, anything else…no thank you. A couple days ago we went to an indoor playground around our area. It was so sweet seeing an almost one year old James. He was climbing everywhere and trying to ride the cars and throwing the balls around. Then he wanted in the jumper. He had a blast. I was happy to because it broke up our day a bit and they were able to play and get the wiggles out so we could get home for some dinner, bath and bedtime.
These boys are already tackling each other. magical playground magical playground I called this dino Sarah from land before time. The kids didn't know what I was talking about but I did. :) magical playground magical playground

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