tiny cones

starbucks Ugh summer, I like you but why oh why do you have to reach 99 degrees? I'm so happy these past few days have also had humidity too…just kidding, I hate that! So guess what? I started taking a Zumba class! I've never tried Zumba before and I think I was a little intimated at first of not being able to follow along. I realized all I needed to do was to go to the back! Problem solved! I really want my sister to go with me but in a way I'm glad I was by myself cause when i did lose my place during the workout I just jumped back in, if my sister was there I would probably laugh. After Zumba one day when it was already 88 at 11 am, we all indulged in just a little ice cream cone. Really honestly, the tiny ice cream cones from Trader Joe's, aren't they the sweetest size. Just enough for a taste with no guilt afterwards! I've been really wanting to try the cauliflower rice from Trader Joe's but can you believe the 3 times I've gone to get it, its been sold out!! I feel like I'm gonna go to someone else's freezer and they'll have bags and bags. I'm not pictured in this post because I stayed a sweaty mess until maybe 2pm. I think I showered at that time but before that I was NOT picture ready. Whatever my sister and I look a lot alike. :) starbucks starbucks James is still to small right now for ice cream. I do plan on letting him have some sweets on his first birthday but for now we let him play with otter pops. He enjoys putting the outside in his mouth and that keeps him pretty satisfied. On a side note: you'll also be happy to know that my pile of laundry behind James is actually all washed and put away! starbucks starbucks starbucks


  1. These pictures are so sweet! I totally get what you're saying about being nervous to take a class and not know all the routines! I feel this same way about starting a class at my gym. Good for you for just doing it! <3

  2. So I looked at that first picture and kept thinking ... that looks like you but it doesn't. It all made sense after I got to the part where it was sister in your post! lol I want to try zumba too BUT I don't even like working out in front of ppl so I can't imagine dancing. AND those ice cream cones!! How cute! If we had a Trader Joes close to use we'd be eating those daily!


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