that time I accidentally went on a 10 mile hike

starbucks Over the weekend I wanted to hang out with Mai. My is one of my best friends and also happens to be my cousin in law. She asked if I wanted to go hiking and I agreed then we invited a couple more people to make hiking really "exciting." So I packed my pump and we all hit the road to Corona Del Mar. I had never been on that hiking trail before but Mai and Kim (Mai's sister) lead the way. They asked myself and Christina if we would have a problem hiking 5 miles. Christina and I both agreed that would be no problem and I was excited for the challenge of a hike. I wish I could say I worked out really hard but I don't. I have been working out so I figured 5 miles would be fine. So we started and everything was great. There was a nice breeze and we were chatting and I was so glad I came. About an hour went by and the hike was still continued, we followed maps along the way and I just assumed we were almost there. But then two hours went by and I started to get really tired. The hills started to get steeper and my legs started to give out. I took little swigs of water and the hills just kept coming. We finally made it to the top! We were waiting to see the ocean but of course it was overcast and there was no ocean to be seen. After we arrived to the top we started making what I was hoping was the closer walk back. You know how getting somewhere feels like forever but going back is easier? Okay this was NOT one of those times! It took FOREVER for us to get back. When we were finally about half way back, things just started to fall apart. Our water had been gone for quite awhile, the sun was just beating down on us and then my toes started to hurt. My toes! My toes never hurt so you can imagine my surprise when I really need them, and they are starting to kill me. Finally after a total of 4 hours we make it back to the car. 10 miles down, what feels like uphill both ways and my killer toes. Oh and just for fun, I needed to pump…..really bad. We finally got back to the car and I pumped and just looked a little bit green. We went to eat poke after we hiked at this amazingly fresh restaurant. I wish I could say I really enjoyed eating but I was sick. I had just pumped and I was probably dehydrated and still so tired. You know what tho, I am proud of myself tho. I'm happy I didn't know just how long the hike would be and I'm happy I went. Next time my game plan might be slightly different, 8 miles and wrap up my toes too! starbucks

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