I've been thinking all weekend about this blog. I have so many ideas. I swear the biggest thing that holds me back is that I get tired. Similar to a small baby, I get tired and then the time gets away from me and boom, there goes my whole day. I was reading sophia + jax today and Josephine had linked up for a grateful post. It made me think about how I came here to my blog today to complain and how refreshing it was just to read about gratefulness. So I changed my tune and my mind and here I am. This weekend wasn't easy and I need help guys. But I'll save that for another day. Today I am grateful. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband. I am grateful I found someone with a kind heart and an immense amount of patience. I am grateful for my two boys. They are healthy and they really love each other. I remember when I was pregnant with James and people would ask if he was a boy or a girl. They would assume for some reason because I was having a boy that I was disappointed. I remember telling people that I was really happy to be having another boy because then they could have each other. Now that James is older I'm watching them form a relationship and it's so sweet. I'm grateful to be their mom. nana photoshoot

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. Hope you had a better day today! I had just one sister growing up and I loved it! I had a best friend then and a best friend now! They will forever have each other!


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