becoming gold

Something amazing happened to me. I wasn't expecting it so quickly and I was honestly surprised when I found out. I am now a GOLD member at Starbucks! It only took me 30 frappucinos to do it! Worth every sip. This is what happened, my sister started noticing that I was started drinking a lot of Starbucks sometime this past year. She told me about the Starbucks app and how I can get rewards for buying. That's all I needed to hear. As soon as I could I downloaded the app and started earning my points. The problem is, I then became addicted with the idea of becoming Gold. I'd make sure I used my app every chance I could. Even on some days when I wasn't really feeling Starbucks too much, I'd opt to get one to get my point. I can't tell you the thrill I felt when I was 1 drink away from Gold. The next time drink I got and I knew was gold I was so excited, it mind as well have been my birthday! I told the barista "I'M GOLD, I'M GOLD!" She wasn't as enthuzed and I would have liked but she did tell me "congrats." My friend Lily said now I'll be addicted to being Gold! She's probably right. Oh Starbucks, you had me at sugar free non fat caramel frappuccino. Any goldies out there?



  1. Lucky! Drink sone fraps for me! There isn't a Starbucks in this town :( If there was I'd prob be a Gold Member too!

    1. I drank one for you this morning! haha


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