tiny cones

starbucks Ugh summer, I like you but why oh why do you have to reach 99 degrees? I'm so happy these past few days have also had humidity too…just kidding, I hate that! So guess what? I started taking a Zumba class! I've never tried Zumba before and I think I was a little intimated at first of not being able to follow along. I realized all I needed to do was to go to the back! Problem solved! I really want my sister to go with me but in a way I'm glad I was by myself cause when i did lose my place during the workout I just jumped back in, if my sister was there I would probably laugh. After Zumba one day when it was already 88 at 11 am, we all indulged in just a little ice cream cone. Really honestly, the tiny ice cream cones from Trader Joe's, aren't they the sweetest size. Just enough for a taste with no guilt afterwards! I've been really wanting to try the cauliflower rice from Trader Joe's but can you believe the 3 times I've gone to get it, its been sold out!! I feel like I'm gonna go to someone else's freezer and they'll have bags and bags. I'm not pictured in this post because I stayed a sweaty mess until maybe 2pm. I think I showered at that time but before that I was NOT picture ready. Whatever my sister and I look a lot alike. :) starbucks starbucks James is still to small right now for ice cream. I do plan on letting him have some sweets on his first birthday but for now we let him play with otter pops. He enjoys putting the outside in his mouth and that keeps him pretty satisfied. On a side note: you'll also be happy to know that my pile of laundry behind James is actually all washed and put away! starbucks starbucks starbucks



starbucks James has 6 teeth and is now 11 months old. I've started to give him some food that requires a little chewing. It's so funny because with Ardo I followed more guidelines, with James I've been using more intuition but when it comes to chewing food, I'm not sure how much intuition I have with solid food so I've started with soft solids and going from there. I use a food processor or the baby bullet to make most of James' food. I have a really hard time getting a consistency with blender types because I've wanted his food a little more chunky. Nuby sent me this Mash and Feed to try out and use when I prepare James' food. I immediately loved how I can prepared-store-feed all using the same bowl. That is a huge plus for me because I hate washing dishes! starbucks It has a nice easy grip to mash the food. I chose bananas because they are so easy and in the event James got a piece of banana a little too big he would be able to chew it and get it down easily. A few pieces of banana and then I got to mashing. I decided to add two strawberries too because James loves strawberries. starbucks After a only about 5 minutes I had the bananas and strawberries to exactly the consistency that would agree with James' boys teeth. starbucks And done. It was so easy and no need to take out any blenders and blades and cups. starbucks James finished most of his fresh breakfast but since he didn't finish the whole thing I just put the lid back on it and back into the fridge it goes. Easy to use and easy storage. Oh did I mention it also comes with a spoon? Ardo wants to help me make James' food too, he's my helper and he'll probably make a mashy mess!

*Nuby sent me this product to review but all opinions are my own.

that time I accidentally went on a 10 mile hike

starbucks Over the weekend I wanted to hang out with Mai. My is one of my best friends and also happens to be my cousin in law. She asked if I wanted to go hiking and I agreed then we invited a couple more people to make hiking really "exciting." So I packed my pump and we all hit the road to Corona Del Mar. I had never been on that hiking trail before but Mai and Kim (Mai's sister) lead the way. They asked myself and Christina if we would have a problem hiking 5 miles. Christina and I both agreed that would be no problem and I was excited for the challenge of a hike. I wish I could say I worked out really hard but I don't. I have been working out so I figured 5 miles would be fine. So we started and everything was great. There was a nice breeze and we were chatting and I was so glad I came. About an hour went by and the hike was still continued, we followed maps along the way and I just assumed we were almost there. But then two hours went by and I started to get really tired. The hills started to get steeper and my legs started to give out. I took little swigs of water and the hills just kept coming. We finally made it to the top! We were waiting to see the ocean but of course it was overcast and there was no ocean to be seen. After we arrived to the top we started making what I was hoping was the closer walk back. You know how getting somewhere feels like forever but going back is easier? Okay this was NOT one of those times! It took FOREVER for us to get back. When we were finally about half way back, things just started to fall apart. Our water had been gone for quite awhile, the sun was just beating down on us and then my toes started to hurt. My toes! My toes never hurt so you can imagine my surprise when I really need them, and they are starting to kill me. Finally after a total of 4 hours we make it back to the car. 10 miles down, what feels like uphill both ways and my killer toes. Oh and just for fun, I needed to pump…..really bad. We finally got back to the car and I pumped and just looked a little bit green. We went to eat poke after we hiked at this amazingly fresh restaurant. I wish I could say I really enjoyed eating but I was sick. I had just pumped and I was probably dehydrated and still so tired. You know what tho, I am proud of myself tho. I'm happy I didn't know just how long the hike would be and I'm happy I went. Next time my game plan might be slightly different, 8 miles and wrap up my toes too! starbucks


becoming gold

Something amazing happened to me. I wasn't expecting it so quickly and I was honestly surprised when I found out. I am now a GOLD member at Starbucks! It only took me 30 frappucinos to do it! Worth every sip. This is what happened, my sister started noticing that I was started drinking a lot of Starbucks sometime this past year. She told me about the Starbucks app and how I can get rewards for buying. That's all I needed to hear. As soon as I could I downloaded the app and started earning my points. The problem is, I then became addicted with the idea of becoming Gold. I'd make sure I used my app every chance I could. Even on some days when I wasn't really feeling Starbucks too much, I'd opt to get one to get my point. I can't tell you the thrill I felt when I was 1 drink away from Gold. The next time drink I got and I knew was gold I was so excited, it mind as well have been my birthday! I told the barista "I'M GOLD, I'M GOLD!" She wasn't as enthuzed and I would have liked but she did tell me "congrats." My friend Lily said now I'll be addicted to being Gold! She's probably right. Oh Starbucks, you had me at sugar free non fat caramel frappuccino. Any goldies out there?



11 months

11 month baby One more month and our sweet James will be a whole year old. He is so so sweet. I can't say this year has flown by because I haven't slept through the night in well over a year. So it hasn't flown by for me. I've really appreciated this time with James. James has tried his best to speed things up for me, sitting up early, crawling early and this weekend he took his first steps!! It was just a couple of steps but I have a feeling he'll be practicing his new talent everyday. A few James stats below: James: 11 months
Weight: 19 pounds and counting
Sleep: James is still not sleeping through the night but he is sleeping in his crib and he's only waking up once so it's not terrible.
Food: James eats great. We haven't given any meats just yet but I have started introducing dairy to his diet. This weekend he had cheese and absolutely loved it! I've started to give him foods that are a little more chunky so he can get used to texture. He has 6 teeth so I figure we should put them to good use.
Clothes size: 12-18 months!
Milestones: This weekend he took his first steps! He crawls and climbs everywhere. Oh and when he notices the bathroom door is open he makes a beeline for the bathroom and tries his hardest to get into the toilet. I don't know what he thinks it is but whatever that is, he wants it!
11 month baby 11 month baby He's the silliest. I didn't even know I captured this picture until we got home. I love me some chubby legs. This onesie used to belong to Ardo. I'm so happy I saved a few items. 11 month baby



I know I've posted all about pumping here on my blog. But now I'd like to share with you pumping from a 4 year old. Ardo helps set up my pump stuff every morning, and then there are those mornings where he takes a turn. This was one of those mornings.



I've been thinking all weekend about this blog. I have so many ideas. I swear the biggest thing that holds me back is that I get tired. Similar to a small baby, I get tired and then the time gets away from me and boom, there goes my whole day. I was reading sophia + jax today and Josephine had linked up for a grateful post. It made me think about how I came here to my blog today to complain and how refreshing it was just to read about gratefulness. So I changed my tune and my mind and here I am. This weekend wasn't easy and I need help guys. But I'll save that for another day. Today I am grateful. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband. I am grateful I found someone with a kind heart and an immense amount of patience. I am grateful for my two boys. They are healthy and they really love each other. I remember when I was pregnant with James and people would ask if he was a boy or a girl. They would assume for some reason because I was having a boy that I was disappointed. I remember telling people that I was really happy to be having another boy because then they could have each other. Now that James is older I'm watching them form a relationship and it's so sweet. I'm grateful to be their mom. nana photoshoot

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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