This: In the car, seatbelt selfie. It was a must tho because, I got a haircut!!!!!! I haven't had a haircut since September, it was my birthday gift from my mom. Just a short 8 months later and I've gotten another one! haha Yay! Jerry bought me a promotion for a hair salon for Valentine's Day, so yesterday I took advantage. I'm purposely making that picture small because I don't need a huge one. :)

This: I love this song right now.

This: Wholesome baby food website I'm trying to change up James' baby food and introduce different food to him. I've been considering cheese next but Jerry is actually the one wanting me to hold out a little longer. Either way I need to remember James is almost 10 months old and different foods are a must!  

This: Mommy blog if you aren't already reading Pig & Dac, you need to be. Jessica is such a great writer and I love her tips.

This: Twitter account, it's mine! haha. I decided it was probably time to have a twitter just so I can share everything and be connected. Follow me, k.

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