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nana photoshoot nana photoshoot Over the weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday. My mom is just the best, I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about her. She is my best friend but she wasn't always my best friend. From 0-16 she was mom, she didn't let me get away with everything but she had an ability to teach me and parent and also be the funniest person I know. She is someone I aspire to be one day. I hope my boys will tell there friends, my mom is like my Nana. Last year when my mom had a big birthday I was on bedrest. She came to see me in the hospital (well she did everyday) but of course on her birthday. I hated we couldn't all celebrate somewhere fun. So this year we went to her favorite restaurant and got her favorite cake. I was hesitant on what to buy her for her birthday. Marcy always has my moms gift ideas on her mind months in advance. I always want to buy mom something for her, like make up or scrubs. She doesn't always want those things tho. This year I guess I was so focused on Mariah's birthday my mom's birthday gift took a backseat. The week of her birthday came and I started to scramble. My brother had his gift and Marcy had her gift and crap! I didn't! Then, I had a bright idea. A picture. You can never, ever, ever go wrong with a picture for my mom. EVER. Pictures are her most cherished possessions. I blame her (and thank her) for my picture obsession. Ardo and James are at the perfect size right now where they can wear matching clothes. I love it so much and Ardo loves it too. He actually gets excited when he knows he going to match with James. I bought them matching red striped shirts from Target my mom loves red. I originally was just going to the picture with just them, but then I remembered I had these chalk boards from my wedding. So I decided holding signs to personalize the picture would really tug at my moms heart strings. The boys were so awesome during these pictures. I think because we just had fun at the park and I kept telling Ardo it was for Nana. My mom opened her gift on her birthday and she was so happy, and I was happy too. Maybe I'll still get her a scrub and then if she doesn't use it, I can. Mom's are great for that too! Happy Birthday Mom! :) nana photoshoot nana photoshoot nana photoshoot nana photoshoot

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