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I failed you guys. I didn't complete my 21 day challenge. Okay here's what happened. I had every intention on completing my challenge eventho I knew it might be harder on Mother's Day. As Mother's Day gets closer and closer I started thinking "oh maybe I'll have a cheat day." I thought it was perfectly fine to have one cheat day cause the last 10 days had gone so well. I was struggling, should I - shouldn't I. The morning of Mother's Day came and I decided it would be fine to have one cheat day. I had a couple mini donuts and Starbucks in the morning and I kept thinking "it's just one day and I wasn't going crazy." I told my sister, I decided to have a cheat day and she says "okay so you didn't complete the challenge?" I kept assuring her no I was still gonna complete it, I was just having a cheat day. She said very seriously "Sonya if you didn't complete the challenge and you're eat this food, YOU DIDN'T COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE!!" ............. "Whaaat? Wait so, wait, you can't have a cheat day?" The answer to that is NO. I swear I felt really stupid. I seriously thought a cheat day was fine and I had convinced myself a cheat day was fine. Um no. So needless to say I failed you, I didn't complete my challenge. I feel bad about it too cause the first 10 days were okay, they weren't that hard, I just didn't eat bad food. The 10 days I actually completed really brought to light how much junk food I eat. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Something I'm not proud of. So I'm going to do the challenge again. I'm going to make my own list tho and include alcohol. I don't drink very much but that's something else I could do without. So I failed you! I was thinking of having a link up when I do start the challenge again for anyone who wants to join me! I'm thinking I'll start June 8. Who's with me!

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