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I love dressing my boys cute but I also have to be practical. I remember the days when I used to buy Ardo things and never wait for sales. Then because little ones grow so quickly within a few months he had outgrown whatever outfit I bought and there it went in the giveaway pile. When Ardo started preschool that stopped really quick. He goes through clothes like crazy. I've never really been that way with James. I try my best with James to find him adorable clothes but its gotta be at the right price. Anyway the other day I was perusing H&M like I do when I want to window/online shop and they just got in some new stock! They have the cutest SHIZZ right now! I saw the bear sandals and omg I want them for James, so freakin cute! So I decided to make this little board of all the cute shizz cause for me H&M does something right time and time again. They get boys clothes. Not every single thing for a boy needs to be basketball or future football player. Oh lord I HATE future anything on a 3 month old onesie! Babies are fresh out of the womb this is their future: a wet diaper and milk...that's it! Whoops, sorry tiny rant. You get it tho, not all girls are princesses and not all boys are baseballs players. Sometimes baby boys want to wear bears on their feet and neon sunglasses, and that it okay with me! Mothers of baby boys this one is for you. Next week I think I'll do a board for bigger boys. Summer is right around the corner, actually I'm in California, that means summer is next week.


  1. Ahh, I couldn't agree more! I often rant about this on my blog too - the whole boys clothes being so "manly". I love dressing my boys and finding adorable things for them. :) I love the items you picked here!

    1. Thanks so much Gillian. I know, Mothers of boys know the struggle because so many stores stick to the same thing! The other day I had to buy James jeans from the girls section because all the jeans on his section were baggy or flare. He's 10 months old, baggy jeans are a big time NO! Thanks again!


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