at the park (again)

Description of Photo Description of Photo This weekend we went to the park...again. We go to the park a lot. I like to try and seek out different parks so Ardo doesn't get bored with the old thing. This time at the park something happened and it was a little annoying, so this might sound like a rant and I guess it is but I hope I'm not alone here. We've been to Polliwog Park a couple of times before and have never fed the ducks. Ardo asked if we could please feed the ducks the next we went and unfortunately we had stale bread at home so this time I said yes. We fed the ducks for a few minutes a few pieces of bread then I encouraged Ardo to play.
They have 3 play areas at this park and the one near the ducks was almost empty. We went into the play area and Ardo started playing, I took pictures and James sat comfortably. My sister was there too so she was probably telling me a story, she tells the best and funniest stories. After a few minutes a little girl came up to Ardo and wanted to play. She was cute and just started talking to him. I thought it was so sweet. He played with her for a few minutes then did his own thing then back to her. At this point James wanted out of his stroller and in on the park action. James is a master at crawling and is already STANDING (at 9 months) on his own. That was a not so humblebrag from me cause I can't believe this little guy. I wanted to take pictures of James and Ardo together because

1. this blog
2. I love having pictures of my boys together.

Then I had a problem, that cute little girl in the beginning of this story became a cute little girl that I didn't necessarily want in my pictures. I didn't want to ask her to move tho because I felt bad. Then she desperately wanted to hold James, I asked her her age and she was 3. She was 3 going on 10 tho, I couldn't get over her vocabulary. She asked me why Ardo was able to hold James but not her. I started to explain that they are brothers and Ardo was also my son and wait this is a 3 year old stranger. I kinda felt like, uh I don't really want to explain. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. So instead I started to have an internal conversation with myself. Should I keep explaining things to her? I love kids but I kinda just want to hang out with my kids? I wish there were other kids in the play area right now? Ugh. Ardo was playing with her but she kept correcting the way he said her name, which the mama bear in me came out cause I didn't like that very much. By this time it's been awhile and I could hear her parents yelling at her from a long ways away to leave the baby alone but they were really far and James was right there, so she did what any 3 year old would do. She did what she wanted. Now Ardo wanted to play on the swings so we went to the swings and I put Ardo in one and James in the other and the little girl wanted in one as well. There were only 2 baby swings and for some reason Ardo wanted to get on the baby swings. I politely told the little girl she had to wait cause the boys were in the swings. When James was done she asked me to help her get in, she said "lady can you help me please" I reluctantly said yes. I was reluctant because at this point I was annoyed, I didn't want to help or watch this little girl I didn't know and I was getting frustrated that her parents could see me and they could see I had a baby and they could have gotten up and helped their daughter but instead they just sat there on the blanket...and watched. I just felt like, if it would have been me, well first Jerry and I never go to the park and sit far away where we can't see Ardo all the time and let him play. Let's just say we did do that, for sure if I saw a stranger helping him do something that I could do, I would do it, because he's my child. It was a really weird feeling because it's the first time I ever felt like not being super generous. But I just didn't. Maybe I'm tired, maybe I was having an off day. Afterwards we went to Islands and had a nice little lunch. Oh and I missed the fight, I guess that wasn't a bad thing tho right? Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo

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