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Hello all and welcome to any new readers. My name is Sonya and this is my blog
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for those of you who have been here for awhile (you guys are awesome by the way) thank you so much for sticking around and allowing me to share little things about my life. I just wanted to say HI. You have probably noticed a few reviews the last few weeks for Nuby. I am so proud to say that I am a Nuby Parent Blogger. We really love and have used Nuby in our house for 4 years now. When Ardo was just a baby. I'm excited to continue to use their products with James and give you all reviews of what I think.
I link many things in this blog but as of right now there is no affiliate linking. That might change later but right now there is none. I don't have a policy on affiliate linking, I just don't do it. I've decided to designate Wednesdays to review items. Not every item I've reviewed or will review is gifted. Sometimes I review something because I've been wanting to try it out and let you know what I think. Sometimes I review items because they are sent to me to review but it's always going to be something I use, can use or my family uses. I want to keep this blog honest in the sense that I let you (my readers) know what's up. I'll never review or be gifted something that doesn't fit perfectly well with my family and I'll always let you know. I am excited to keep venturing on with my blog and go wherever it may take me.
Thanks for following along and Happy Friday!

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