i'm not having a party this year

So WHY AM I SO FREAKIN BUSY!?!?! Last year for Ardo's birthday I had a huge Safari Themed birthday party for him. It was kinda my swan song because that very weekend I went on bedrest and didn't get off of bedrest til James was born (11 weeks later). I remember my Dr telling me I could go to my sons birthday but then that was it. :/
When we had Ardo's first birthday, Jerry and I decided we would have a birthday party every other year. We've stuck to it, we took Ardo to Disneyland for his 2nd birthday and we're doing that again this year for his 4th. We decided to do this, well actually I decided, to try and keep my sanity and so we aren't spending thousands of dollars each year on birthday parties. Here's the problem tho, Ardo's birthday is on Saturday and I feel just as busy as if we were having a party! Tomorrow we're having a little party at his preschool, but when I say little just cupcakes and pizza and a little pinata, and I can't really stay but I'm still stressed and busy! We're going to Disneyland tomorrow and Goofy's Kitchen on Saturday morning and then Saturday night we're going out for Jerry's birthday because his birthday is on Tuesday, my mind is going 100 miles a minute! I actually thought it was gonna be soooo easy this year...but no of course not, it's just as crazy! Blah! But we're almost there, and tomorrow I'm so excited for Disneyland. I bought Ardo and James matching Disney t-shirts. Matching anything makes me happy! Happy Thursday?


  1. Happy Thursday, Sonya! I can understand why you feel a little overwhelmed. Hopefully, you can find time to just stop for a moment and breathe. Then, enjoy all the birthday events.

    1. Thank you! I know tomorrow will be better and youre so right I have to remember to breathe!

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