easter eggs

Okay guys lets face it, this week is about eggs. Here's the thing, because I'm not as consistent with my blog as I should be it feels like I just posted Ardo dying his easter eggs not that long ago. (It's Easter again?) But when we actually started dying the eggs and I see how much has changed in a year, I couldn't help but post again. Ardo actually dyed his own Easter eggs this year, I helped him on giving him direction but everything else he did all by himself. I can't get over how much he's grown. I say that all the time but with each passing day or everytime he says a new word it reminds me of what a big boy he's becoming. And then of course we have Jamesy boy wanting to do everything his big brother does. Ardo was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him. And like I said, this is a week about eggs, and bunny ears, and sweets and that's okay with me. Description of Photo Description of Photo Ardo was concentrating dying his eggs, and James was concentrating slobbering all over his egg. Description of Photo A proud little boy with his Star Wars eggs. We've entered in Star Wars world full speed ahead. We are redecorating Ardo's room to all Star Wars. I hope we'll be done soon so I can share what we've done here. It's been a slow process but one I'm really starting to become happy with. Description of Photo
 photo 247790cb-f3fd-4a7b-8667-27ec7104c842.jpg photo 98c078ed-a4eb-496e-8a82-b00ef1113184.jpg
Description of Photo These silly boys, I just love them.

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