Jerry has been studying for a test for work for the last month, maybe month and a half. Truly studying, coming home after work and studying...on the weekends, studying. Jerry is most comfortable studying at home and because we live a little ways from work I've been staying at my moms almost every day after work with the boys. Having dinner and visiting but a whole month (or longer) of this routine can be so EXHAUSTING!! I never realized how much I love just coming home, changing into my pj's and relaxing. Jerry takes his test on Tuesday, so this was the very last weekend of just me and the boys. I took the boys out on Saturday so Sunday I just wanted to stay home. I went to my moms and we had a very low key day. There was only one thing I wanted and that was an ice cream from the ice cream truck. I love my moms neighbor (where I grew up) because an ice cream truck passes by at least once a day. Yesterday as soon as I heard the ice cream truck I got waaay to excited and raced outside with James and Ardo and my sisters of course. There are two kinds of ice cream trucks that pass by. One sells on packaged ice creams and one sell soft serve. Yesterday was my LUCKY day and we got the soft served truck. And then this happened Description of Photo and all was well with the world...hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. I know what truck you're talking about. #bomb


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