St. Patty's Day

Remember when I was younger and childless and I would spend St. Patty's having about 10 green beers and who cares about work the next day?? You don't? haha. I swear that was me. Yesterday was St. Patty's Day and Jerry and I had a nice little family dinner, "He said we better go early because it might be packed." I said "People still do that" because since I don't do that anymore I just figured it had died off into oblivion. I look at my life now and I'm so happy to be where I am, and I'm happy to have had that crazy party young life as well. It makes me happy to have had the best of both worlds. Yesterday for me went a little something like this... Description of Photo Then of course I had to make Jamesy into a little leprechaun so he knows he's gold in my eyes. He's the second born so I don't want him to forget it! Description of Photo Then we had a little baby playdate with my cousin and her baby who is also my cousin and James and Ardo's cousin as well. These two little guys are just 3 weeks apart and clearly they love each other. Description of Photo After all this I still went home and changed and had a nice dinner out. Jerry got a beer with his meal but it was so gross! I love beer but this one was NOT good, too dark for my taste! I hope none of you have a headache today!

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