james 8 months

Description of Photo I try my best to take themed pictures of James for his monthly pictures. They don't always make it to my blog but I always post them on my instagram{follow along if you'd like}. This month was a little more challenging. But we got a smile and that's what matters!
James: 8 months
Weight: James probably weighs between 16-17 pounds. I'm going to the dr in a few weeks so we can find out for sure. He is in size 3 diapers so that tells us something.
Sleep: We are still co sleeping and Jerry keeps threatening to get rid of our crib. James has been sleeping better and heavier (every little thing used to wake him up). I noticed I'm not so tired. Next stop will be a bit of sleep learning. Don't you just wish babies could sleep learn without the crying?
Food: James has completely moved onto food. So far he's had bananas, sweet potatoes, apples and avocados. I think this week we're trying pears and squash. I use a 3 day method. I have James try something new for 3 days and if there is no reaction I move onto something else. We also worked in these teething biscuit from Plum Organics. He loves them and they melt so fast, they're great!
Clothing size: We are at 9 months right now but I've been starting to buy 9 months and 12 months...he grows so fast!!
Milestones: James is now crawling and has even started to pull himself up. I can't believe this little guy, he is really trying to keep up with his big brother. Description of Photo aaaaand he's done, haha! Description of Photo

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