how i made walking, fun?

Description of Photo I'm gonna go out on a limb here and just say most of us don't like to work out. I mean yes I feel good after, and yes I love when my clothes fits me better, but to say I love to work out would be the understatement. After 11 weeks of bedrest with James I've started to work out again VERY slowly. I had to give my body what it needed (rest even after all that rest) to recover. 8 months later I finally have my sea legs back. I've started working out again by plain ole' walking. Well power walking to be exact. I started walking during my lunch hour with a friend here at work. It's perfect for me because just walking by myself can be boring. I love to talk and have company, I like to feel like we're in it together. The only problem is sometimes my friend couldn't go and then I would think, well if she can't go, I can't go either! haha. I had to stop doing that and make walking a priority for me. If I can't have a friend then I could at least listen to something interesting. Sometimes on long car rides I'll listen to Howard Stern interviews. Howard always has great guests and they always seem to open up to him, the only problem is I'll listen to those interviews on youtube and when you're walking in a hilly neighborhood you're bound to get no reception. Then Jerry suggested I listen to podcasts that I could just download to my phone. So I did. I started with SERIAL. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I am a HUGE fan of real life murder mysteries. I know they're tragic but also fascinating. I've never listened to a podcast like this before, I normally go for celebrity podcasts that are just interviews. I never heard of Serial until Jerry suggested it to me but said to trust him cause it's something I would like. Episode one and I was hooked. Not only was it something I was interested in but because I loved it so much it motivated me to walk so I could listen to the next episode. Definitely a win win. Last week on Wednesday I even walked twice and I was happy to do it. I don't care too much what I work out in but listening to something interested, that's my motivation. Oh also losing this baby weight!! Just 15 pounds to go :)

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