heart eyes at the park

Description of Photo I love emojis, I swear an emoji can sum up better how I feel than words can. Over the weekend we stopped by the park on the way home to let Ardo play. Now that James is 8 months I've been thinking it might be time to try out the swings. When I mentioned it to Ardo he thought it was the best idea EVER! I helped Ardo get into a swing and then I put James in and then my heart exploded with how cute they were together. Ardo was so excited, it was the sweetest thing. We also tried out the slide. I say we because Ardo would sit down, then I would put James on him and I would hold James with one hand and we all screamed on how fun those 3 seconds were. I really got lucky with Ardo and his huge heart. He loves his brother so much. Before James was born, I tried to prepare Ardo that a baby was coming. I would pretend to breastfeed his stuffed animals so when James was born and started breastfeeding Ardo had an idea of what was going on. That might sound weird but it worked. Whenever James is crying Ardo is the first one there trying to calm him down or coming to get me telling me his brudder needs me, and also telling me he's probably hungry. (James can breastfeed all day, I guess Ardo's picked up on that) In the 8 months since James has been born we haven't experienced any jealousy. Just love, okay well love and the occasional "James can't play with that. James is biting me. James is pinching me." Maybe someone needs to teach James how love without pinching and tons of drool. Happy Monday! Description of Photo Description of Photo


  1. They are adorable! I love pics from the park. Love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much!! I miss James as a little tiny baby, but I love that they can now play together, it's so sweet!


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