super bowl & baby polka dot

Description of Photo Yesterday was the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge fan of football. My sport is basketball and right now my team isn't doing so well, but nevertheless, that's my sport. Football...eh. Ardo is getting to the point where whenever we are anywhere he just wants to play. Jerry's family and my dad were all going to Jerry parents house for the Super Bowl we normally would go with Ardo and stay until it was over but this year I thought maybe I could take the boys to go play first, and then we could just join them after. I'm so glad we did. I took the boys to Baby Polka Dot in Paseo (Pasadena) with no restrictions. Do you ever feel as a parent, you say the word no about a billion times a day? I wanted a moment where he could just do whatever he wants and we could just be. My sisters came with me and I was able to play with Ardo just one on one while they watched James a little bit on the baby side of Baby Polka Dot. I always have James with me, I almost always have him in the ergo so it was a little freeing being able to carry Ardo and run and chase him. We left and joined everyone at the Super Bowl party in the 3rd quarter. It was perfect. Ardo was great, it was James that was giving me a hard time. He was fighting his sleep so as my mom says, he was a "bear". He hasn't been nursing great in public because he doesn't want to be covered and he doesn't understand I'd rather not show everything, he's also teething and he's 6 months, so its just everything. But when our baby bear falls asleep it's like nothing every happened isn't it? Can't wait for Super Bowl next year! Description of Photo Description of Photo

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