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I'm in no hurry with James. That little guy is the one in a hurry. We had his 6 month well baby check up a few days ago and I was so happy with the report the pediatrician gave us. James is on the smaller side but growing at a pace that's good for him. Our pediatrician was impressed with how on target James was in his development. I am too because I told myself I was going to push him like I did with Ardo and I was going to let James develop when he was ready with just guidance from me. It's probably a second child thing because James is right on target. We started Ardo on rice cereal probably the exact day he became 6 months but with James I was much more concerned with his breastmilk intake. So I've waited. But with the advice of his pediatrician iron fortified rice cereal is the first food added to his diet. I'll probably give him rice cereal for about a week or two and then add a veggie. I haven't decided which veggie but I have a feeling it will either be sweet potato or avocado. Oh wait avocado is a fruit isn't it? Well we might just start with a fruit then! Description of Photo

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