Oreos:: Valentine's Day Edition

Description of Photo Valentine's Day is on Saturday so naturally Oreos had to come out with something red! I present to you Red Velvet Oreo cookies with cream cheese cream. These were very good, not too sweet but I did enjoy the cream cheese cream. The cookie itself just tasted a little different than a regular Oreo, you could tell there was extra flavor but not much. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know what I was expecting but I really enjoyed them. I think I enjoyed the most because they were freeeeeeeeeee. My sister entered a giveaway to get a free pack of the limited edition cookies. She had completely forgotten she entered and then before they came in stores they were delivered to her house! Is there anything more thrilling than getting cookies delivered? I don't think so either!
Description of Photo Sidenote:: As you can see I've slowed down a bit on my challenge and the reason is I need to lose this baby weight! I suddenly got into a funk of just wanting at least 10 more pounds gone. I have a problem of having a lot of cookies in the house and not eating every single one. :(

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