christmas eve and rsv

Description of Photo We've been ridiculously crazy around our home. Everyone has gotten sick with either a cold or the stomach bug. Ardo was first, of course, Ardo is always first. He likes to bring lots of germs home from preschool. Sometimes he keeps them to himself and sometimes he shares the love. This time he shared. James caught another cold....this time tho I noticed things were not getting better quickly as they had done the other couple of times. By the 3rd day I could tell James was getting worse. So we had to make the decision to take James to the er. We went, and the Doctors and Nurses were so sweet and James was such a good little patient. They took a swab from his nose and the swab came back positive for RSV. My heart broke. It's the worse, the absolute worse when babies get sick. They can't tell you what they need, he can't nurse very well because he can't breath. They weighed him at the er and he weighed 13lbs so I'm glad to know he hasn't lost any weight. His cough is the worse tho, I can tell it hurts him. I love the holidays and as cheesy as it sounds I like getting together to celebrate them with not just my family but Jerry's family too. We come together as one big family and it's really sweet. James and I won't be going tonight tho. We asked the Doctors advice and she advised us to keep him home because he is very contagious right now. So tonight it'll be just me and James, and probably reruns of some Real Housewives of New York. Did you guys know HULU has all the real housewives from all the seasons on HULU PlUS to watch? I didn't, but what a nice surprise when I searched and found them. "Who goin check me boo?" 10 stars if you know who said that! Merry Christmas Eve friends! Please Enjoy some Christmas Pictures!
Description of Photo
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