a midday brunch

Description of Photo Last week I went to brunch, in the middle of the week, with two of my friends, and it was awesome! I remember when Ardo was smaller I was so afraid of crying spells. You know, thinking back I wasn't very confident in my parenting with Ardo unless Jerry or my sister or Mom or someone who understood was around. I was just afraid of him acting like a baby...then what? Now, if James acts like a 4 month, then he acts like a 4 month, that's it. I deal with it. James happens to be pretty mellow thankfully (so far), but the times he isn't we just get him happy. Nursing him is always a sure fire way to make him happy, he doesn't really take a paci, but sometimes he will and that will buy me a few minutes to figure out what's wrong. Anyway, besides nursing, we didn't need any remedies, James was a champ. Our server was really funny too. He was probably as old as I am, and he saw James and said "oh is he a newborn?" I said, "no, he was 4 months old" and he said, "oh my brother is 7 months old, they grow fast, trust." I said, "oh no I trust you" haha it was a weird exchange of words. We had brunch at Larchmont Bungalow, I've never been but they are famous for their red and blue velvet pankcakes...holy crap these were good. I had it more like a dessert than breakfast but they were tasty! Description of Photo See that food...gone in 60 seconds...or less! Description of Photo

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