Description of PhotoI've made a few goals for 2015. 2014 was such an amazing year! 11 weeks of bedrest but in the end we have our sweet James. I could have never guess what 2014 was going to bring us. For 2015 I have a few things in mind I would love to accomplish.

1. LOSE THIS BABY WEIGHT! I know this probably shouldn't go at the top of the list, but honestly at this time, I think about my body a lot. You know, I'm not one of those celebs that has a baby and boom back to my regular body. I wish I was, this time after bedrest tho, things have been harder for me. My body was so tired and out of shape for laying down for almost 3 months. I need to do two things. Eat a little better and less junk food and start to walk. My Doctor told me after my 6 week check up I could start slowly with 15 minute strolls per day. I haven't started! I bought weight watchers again, it's been sitting in my phone...empty. I complain about my body to everyone constantly and as cliche as it sounds, I think I'm going to take advantage of the new year approaching and start all over again. I don't want to starve and I'm realistic, but these extra 20lbs I'm carrying around is not fun...anymore!

2. NOT BE LATE, ANYWHERE! I never believe people when they said they were late because of their kids. I thought I have a kid and I'm on time. That is non existant since James has been born. I am now late everywhere, every single day. I'm so tired of it. I get my clothes ready at night, I get the kids clothes ready at night, I wake up early...nothing helps, I'm always super late out of the door. I really want to find a way to manage my time better so I'm on time.

3. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! I think I've gotten better at this but it's something I still want to improve on. I always worry so much about the future. I'm number 1 worry wart. I will say that with the birth of James and through breastfeeding, I've slowed down. I actually like the feeling of slowing down and not worrying about tomorrow it feels good and I hope to keep it up. Description of Photo Description of Photo
Happy New Year!


christmas eve and rsv

Description of Photo We've been ridiculously crazy around our home. Everyone has gotten sick with either a cold or the stomach bug. Ardo was first, of course, Ardo is always first. He likes to bring lots of germs home from preschool. Sometimes he keeps them to himself and sometimes he shares the love. This time he shared. James caught another cold....this time tho I noticed things were not getting better quickly as they had done the other couple of times. By the 3rd day I could tell James was getting worse. So we had to make the decision to take James to the er. We went, and the Doctors and Nurses were so sweet and James was such a good little patient. They took a swab from his nose and the swab came back positive for RSV. My heart broke. It's the worse, the absolute worse when babies get sick. They can't tell you what they need, he can't nurse very well because he can't breath. They weighed him at the er and he weighed 13lbs so I'm glad to know he hasn't lost any weight. His cough is the worse tho, I can tell it hurts him. I love the holidays and as cheesy as it sounds I like getting together to celebrate them with not just my family but Jerry's family too. We come together as one big family and it's really sweet. James and I won't be going tonight tho. We asked the Doctors advice and she advised us to keep him home because he is very contagious right now. So tonight it'll be just me and James, and probably reruns of some Real Housewives of New York. Did you guys know HULU has all the real housewives from all the seasons on HULU PlUS to watch? I didn't, but what a nice surprise when I searched and found them. "Who goin check me boo?" 10 stars if you know who said that! Merry Christmas Eve friends! Please Enjoy some Christmas Pictures!
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jamesy claus

Because at 5 months old we should all own Santa suits. Description of Photo Description of Photo


a midday brunch

Description of Photo Last week I went to brunch, in the middle of the week, with two of my friends, and it was awesome! I remember when Ardo was smaller I was so afraid of crying spells. You know, thinking back I wasn't very confident in my parenting with Ardo unless Jerry or my sister or Mom or someone who understood was around. I was just afraid of him acting like a baby...then what? Now, if James acts like a 4 month, then he acts like a 4 month, that's it. I deal with it. James happens to be pretty mellow thankfully (so far), but the times he isn't we just get him happy. Nursing him is always a sure fire way to make him happy, he doesn't really take a paci, but sometimes he will and that will buy me a few minutes to figure out what's wrong. Anyway, besides nursing, we didn't need any remedies, James was a champ. Our server was really funny too. He was probably as old as I am, and he saw James and said "oh is he a newborn?" I said, "no, he was 4 months old" and he said, "oh my brother is 7 months old, they grow fast, trust." I said, "oh no I trust you" haha it was a weird exchange of words. We had brunch at Larchmont Bungalow, I've never been but they are famous for their red and blue velvet pankcakes...holy crap these were good. I had it more like a dessert than breakfast but they were tasty! Description of Photo See that food...gone in 60 seconds...or less! Description of Photo


breastfeeding :: part 3 -- pumping

Okay so, to all of my exclusive pumpers out there, I never was able to get this much milk stored with Ardo, but because this was my second time at the pump, I was much more successful! I've been part of the exclusive pumper club too and if you're out there and exclusively pumping, hooray to your dedication! This post is about how I was able to pump and store 500oz of breastmilk, I keep adding to it, and taking a some away, but last time I checked it was 500oz.
I remember in the beginning, I would pull up lots and lots of youtube videos of women latching their babies. I would practice and practice, everyday. My lactation consultant told me that the best way to perfect breastfeeding was to breastfeed. I came across a video of a woman who had pumped and stored 1,000oz of breastmilk. I remember watching that and thinking how on earth could anyone make so much milk!!!
As I said I was an exclusive pumper with Ardo for 6 months. I didn't know that I was an exclusive pumper or that there was a name for it, I just knew I pumped and he took it. When Ardo was 4 months old I went on a 2 day vacation to Las Vegas. I pumped liked crazy, every two hours round the clock for 2 weeks before I went on the trip. While I was in Vegas I didn't think to ask for a room with a fridge or anyway to store the milk so for 2 days I pumped and dumped. I think back and cringe on how I dumped precious liquid gold (some of that milk didn't even have alcohol in it).
I was able to store about 50 ounces over what Ardo needed on a daily basis and was really proud of myself, but soon after the trip my body started producing what I felt was less and I had went through my back up so at 6 months we started Ardo on formula. Once we started him on formula I stopped pumping, I wished I could have gone longer but it was so much work and dedication, at 6 months I felt okay with putting my pump away.

As I've said before James was in the NICU for a few days after he was born. I started pumping the night he was born. I wasn't able to feed James directly for a few days so my milk had to come in with a pump. I started every 2 hours for 15 minutes each session round the clock. At night I would go 3 hours but I always woke up at 3 hours and pumped. I was very diligent because I knew to successfully breastfeed I needed my milk supply. I was very tired but I knew if I let more than 2-3 hours pass and my milk supply suffered I would be upset it later. I also thought if James was home right now I wouldn't be sleeping anyway. Everyday I brought my milk to the NICU so we wouldn't need formula. While James was still in the NICU I started noticing James had left over milk. I started breastfeeding in the NICU and James would eat as much as he wanted and after I would pump to make sure I was empty. I was still able to get a little milk after he fed. When we came home and while we were working on his latch I had the same routine. After every nursing session I still pumped. I didn't want to but in the meantime of figuring out his latch and after I got mastisis I pumped every every nursing session. Nursing sessions were taking longer than I liked but I wanted to make sure I didn't get mastisis again either so I tried to keep my breast empty. I purchase a battery operated breastpump. In the event James took a bottle while we were out, I would make that bottle up by pumping in the car, so I never missed a feeding. This went on for a good 2 months. James ate and after I pumped, wherever we were. By the end of the second month I started accumulating milk. We supplemented James less with a bottle after feedings because he was content with breastfeeding but I put a demand on my body for more milk. During feedings that he didn't take a bottle after I just stored that milk and had back up. I just kept with this routine. I breastfed as much as possible. I would switch sides, not once or twice but 3-4 sometimes 5 times each feeding. I also realized this time around I wasn't worried with James crying a little bit. I wouldn't let him scream but with Ardo any crying would make me nervous, with James I just realized, it's just crying and he'll be latched and happy or bottle and happy and his crying would stop. Soon I realized I had an over supply because I started tracking my breastfeeding. I would track how long he fed, how many ounces of breastmilk he took by bottle and how much per day I was pumping. I realized I was pumping at least 5-8 ounces over what he was taking by bottle. I didn't want to stop because I would be going back to work soon. I thought I would rather have more milk than less.

I asked my lactation consultant and she advised me that if James was eating directly from me with less bottles then to pump less. She told me that while an oversupply was okay she didn't want to up my chances of getting mastisis again. I started doing that but it had become such a routine for me to pump after feedings I didn't start pumping less til more recently. James was becoming much more efficient at breastfeeding and his weigh gain was great that the extra milk just started to pile up. No babies we're drinking it! Before I knew it my entire freezer was filled! I had to ask my mom to store some I gave her to market bags full and I still had more. Jerry's parents have a deep freezer so I asked if I could store some in there. I separated it by months and started storing. When I separated it, I counted and sure enough, 300 ounces went into the deep freezer. My mom counted hers and had 100 ounces and I had 100 ounces in my freezer at home. 500 ounces of breastmilk stored. 500 ounces! I couldn't believe! I was on my way to being that youtube woman! So there you have it! I think the thing that helped me the most and I'm sure would help anyone else that wanted to build up a supply is to pump after feeding, in the beginning. Pumping and breastfeeding (switching sides a few times each feeding) really helped my body know that James needed more milk. Then when I did pump after feedings it was always for at least 15 minutes. I know pumping is a pain in the neck and the whole point for me to have a lactation consultant this time around was to be able to avoid pumping, although I wasn't able to avoid pumping this time, I'm grateful to have a huge stash. If anyone has any questions on pumping like a maniac, please feel free to email me or leave your comments below, I'd be happy to help! I really didn't know what pictures to post with this because I was definitely NOT going to post a picture of me pumping, so I leave you with a picture of Jamesy boy, cause you know, whatever I've gone through, he's always worth it! Description of Photo



Today I woke up so tired! We had a very long 4 day weekend. It was wonderful but very tiring. Wednesday my friend Laura hosted a Friendsgiving at her house. I love getting together with my friends, it's so grown up of us to have our own Thanksgiving. My boys get so much love. My family, Jerry's family and my great friends. This weekend of all weekends Ardo came down with a cold. We only spent a couple hours at Jerry's parents house and then needed to bring Ardo home, he just was not feeling well. We stayed inside just about the entire long weekend. I was just about to get cabin fever when yesterday Ardo was feeling much better and we did several dances to Mickey Mouses clubhouse. I'm thankful for my sweet boys. I'm thankful that after all I went through with James he's the healthiest 4 month old. I'm thankful for my family and my sister who comes every single morning to help me with my boys so I don't completely lose my mind. I'm so thankful for my job. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who loves and supports us. This year has been a great one. Below are a few pictures I took of the boys in their Thanksgiving gear. I really wanted to have this post done before December 1st but with Ardo sick and James not going to sleep before 10pm, it became nearly impossible to do anything. I need some blogger tips on when to blog? I am barely able to blog at home, which is why my thankful post is coming to you on the first week of December! Sometimes I swear I get tired of saying how tired I am. I promise I really do!
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