that time i called bravo and thought i was so cool

I am a HUGE Bravo fan. I love just about everything on Bravo. I watch all the housewives (of course), Vanderpump Rules, Watch What Happens Live, Flipping Out, and I'm really excited about the newest scripted show that is going to premiere next week. I'm mostly excited because I'm a fan of Janeane Garofalo and haven't seen her in anything in awhile. I swear this isn't a plug for bravo and Andy Cohen didn't ask me to write this post, although if he would have I totally would have done it!
Okay so back to the embarrassing story. I have Direct TV which means for us our TV runs on east coast time. Watch What Happens Live comes on at 11pm east coast which means 8pm west coast, which means I always watch it live (when I can). 8pm is usually the time I'm trying to put James down for the night and if not for the night he always eats at 8pm. That means we snuggle on my side of the bed and I'm bonding with James and Andy Cohen and whatever guest he has on that night. Two Mondays ago I was on facebook and saw that Sherri Shepard and Kenya Moore were going to be on Watch What Happens Live. If you haven't seen the show, it's a fun late night show that takes live phone calls and tweets and facebook messages and Andy asks the guests those questions live on his show. I've always wanted to call in but never have. After watching Atlanta's premiere I decided it was time. I had a question for Kenya Moore and I wanted it answered!! (truth be told I can't stand Kenya! I know I don't really know her so I'm gonna say I can't stand her character, although if you saw the show Sherri Shepard didn't seem to like her either) I did think it was weird that they were having Kenya on Watch What Happens Live on a Monday because usually Andy has guests on the night of their own shows. But facebook said she was gonna be on, so it must be true! I tell Jerry and he's cheering me on telling me to call. So I call:

Person who answers Watch What Happens Live phone: HELLO! What's your question?
Me: AAAAHHHH....Hang up!

Jerry just looked at me then starting yelling "what happened, why did you hang up!!"
But I just got scared, I really wanted to ask Kenya why she continues to play the victim when we can all see that she isn't! But when they picked up, it scared me. Jerry urged me to call back because since they picked up, I might get through to Andy, and I just love him. So I gathered up all my nerve and called back!

Person who answers Watch What Happens Live phone: HELLO! What's your question?
Me: I want to ask Kenya why----
Person who answers Watch What Happens Live phone: Excuse me ma'am ma'am, the kids from Vanderpump Rules are on tonight.
Me: What but facebook said...Kenya was on with Sherri Shepard?
Person who answers Watch What Happens Live phone: Oh no she'll be on on Sunday after Atlanta..Do you have a question for Tom or Ariana?
Me: No. :( (I wasn't prepared for another question! I barely worked the nerve for this one!)
Person who answers Watch What Happens Live phone: Okay thanks for calling!

I hang up and just start cracking up! Not only did I think I was so cool and gonna call Kenya out, when I had the first opportunity I hang up cause I'm scared. Then I finally work the nerve up to call back she isn't even on that day! I'm so lame!
I didn't wind up calling when she was on the following Sunday but someone did ask the question for me. I'm still laughing at myself for that one.

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  1. I'm a little Bravo addict myself so reading this had me freaking out a bit! haha I love that you called in and they actually answered! It kind of makes me want to do the same.


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