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Babycenter likes to send me my updates about James all the time. Is your baby rolling over? Is your baby babbling? How much your baby should be eating? Most of the time I'll read these or delete them, whatever I want. This time around I decided not to take what every baby is doing too serious. I did that with Ardo and mainly it drove me crazy. Today I received an baby sleep basics email and I found it VERY interesting. Babycenter was informing me James could/should be sleeping about 16 hours a day (they also said 10 1/2 is fine too but I'm focusing on the higher number) Oh lawd, I wish! James does not take naps very well at all! He takes maybe one per day, and he's only 4 months old!! On the days he's home with me he barely sleeps. It's kinda driving me a little crazy because although I love my time with him (don't we as mom always feel the need to say how much we love our kids before we complain) I would love it even more to get a quick break. He usually sleeps if I go somewhere, but to be honest that's the time I wouldn't mind him awake. He'd be able to look at all the new surroundings and people, but of course that's when he snoozes. He will sleep at home in my arms but as soon as I put him down, boom, he wakes right up. I know his sleeping schedule will go up and down and I'm not holding out any hope he'll start sleeping super long stretches at night but during the day would be just fantastic!
Any advice on how to get my little guy to nap longer??
He's usually like this > Description of Photo But I'd love him more like this > Description of Photo

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