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I know, I know. I've been talking about everything Halloween for day and days. I just want to share one last thing. When James was born I had every intention on sending out birth announcements. I sent birth announcements for Ardo and I wanted to do the same for James. Only thing is when James came home from the hospital I was a little overwhelmed. First I just had a baby. Second I just started walking and trying to get around after 11 weeks of strict bedrest. Third .... breastfeeding. I would love to say "oh he latched right away and has been eating like a champ ever since." I would love to say that, but, that wasn't my reality. I had pumped so much with Ardo I didn't live a breastfed babies life.
I was overwhelmed with everything that thought of just one more thing could easily put me over the edge. In September I finally started feeling better and by October I was all good. One day I took a few Halloween pictures of James and then I thought, since I never sent birth announcements I'll send Halloween cards. I looked at few sites and then decided to go with Tiny Prints. They had two cute prints I really liked, so instead of racking my brain trying to decide, I just got them both! I wrote a little message inside and done. I was so happy, everyone loved them and because they were Halloween themed, no one thought it was weird getting a kinda birth announcement from a 3 month old. :) Goodbye October, thank goodness I'll see you next year!
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