dennys breakfast

Denny's was never really my restaurant of choice for a quick breakfast. Jerry loves Denny's and I love food so I quickly cave when it comes to choosing where we should grab breakfast. Denny's has been advertising pumpkin pancakes and that really sparked my interest. I pretty much like all things pumpkin. Last week after my mom's trip to the Dr (she received another clean bill of health FYI) we wanted to stop for a little breakfast. We decided on Denny's...or, hmmm, did we decide or maybe I was just the driver and took us where I wanted? Either way, we ended up at Denny's. OMG the pumpkin pancakes were soooo good. You didn't even need syrup because the butter was a cinnamon flavored whipped topping. THE BEST! I think they might have them through November, I gotta go at least one more time. I just love when you don't have to drive super far to get something so delicious.

I always feel the need that these posts aren't sponsored. 95% of my content is just me sharing, what I did, where I went and I what I like, but again this is not sponsored by Denny's, the pumpkin pankcakes are just the bomb!
Description of Photo My two sisters. I got hot chocolate and Mariah got pumpkin coffee. I just can't with coffee taste. I hear so many people talk about it and it sounds like it would be great but I just don't like the taste. Description of Photo

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