brothers..on my iphone

You know how sometimes you just don't have time to grab your big camera, cause lets me honest, a nice capture with you Nikon or Canon really take the cake. But so many days I have my camera where Ardo can't reach it and that means it's tucked away where I would have to get out of bed...uuuh no. These are pics I have on my iphone because Ardo can't help but say, "Mommy take picture me" whenever he's around his baby brother.
 photo 53042853-671e-4c52-b6e8-3ec3a2dfc3ff.jpg photo 57483073-512f-41db-b50f-761e1c5145e9.jpg
 photo fde9e9f7-ce6e-4dc7-82dc-26c649857868.jpg photo 5ddb3b22-541e-4fd7-a69f-f3fad7250e1e.jpg
 photo 7c85be62-191b-4d39-bb21-605ce815628c.jpg photo 53e118ee-19db-40ac-b5de-8b00a39da876.jpg
Sometimes I look at James and can't believe he's here and that I have two boys! Here's to a Happy and probably crazy weekend!


  1. I love how much Ardo loves James. <3

  2. Ardo is so sweet! He gives the best XOXO's!


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