Description of Photo James was born on July 15, 2014. It's crazy because I went to the Dr that Tuesday as I had every Tuesday for the past 4 weeks. On my way I could tell my contractions were different. They were painful. I had been having contractions for months, but never were they painful. I told my mom on the way to the Dr….uh oh, these contractions are painful, and I'm having one after the other after the other. I get to the Dr and she comes in quickly and says, okay you're going to labor and delivery we're going to try and stop it. I get to labor and delivery and one of my girls is there and sure enough I was in "labor" but they tried to stop it. First, I got an IV then my meds and sure enough labor was starting to subside. They called my Dr and she said to let me go home because I wasn't dilated and my contractions were starting to taper off. I get wheeled out, Jerry takes me home and probably within 10 minutes of leaving the hospital, my contractions come back. This time they come back with a vengeance, a vengeance called labor. The short version of the rest of the story is I go into full blown labor by the time I get home, we call the ambulance, I get taken to a different hospital and James is born. Unfortunately I did have a complication at the end. My placenta detached and James went without oxygen for a little bit so he had to spend a few days in the NICU. You know, I so badly did not want James to have to go to the NICU. I was so strict with myself on bed rest to try and avoid him coming to early. I could have never predicted my placenta actin a fool at the last minute. But it did, and he was whisked off. This time around fortunately and unfortunately, because I had been through this one time before, I didn't let his NICU stay get me down. I embraced that this is our story. I let the nurses do there thing and I did mine. I was adamant about holding him and when it was time to breastfeed I pushed it. I told them I needed a lactation consultant, I needed a pillow and I needed my baby. And that's it, James came home and has been our little joy. Ardo is so sweet with him. He gives him tons of kisses and hugs, sometimes a little too hard but with a lot of love. James is the reason I didn't feel the need to get crazy on bed rest. I knew from the start that sooner than later bed rest would be over and my baby would be here, and now almost 3 months later, the bedrest the NICU stay all gone, but our sweet boy is here to stay. I want to reach out to anyone who is going through a bedrest stay or has a little boo in the NICU, I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me. Maybe I can suggest a few tips or just a bedrest buddy. You are not alone! Okay, just wanted to reach out. :) And of course a few pics of little James.
Description of Photo Description of Photo
He's such a sweet little guy. Description of Photo

I'm almost caught up you guys. ALLLLLMOST

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  1. Congrats! He is precious!! You went through so much to bring this little beauty here, through bed rest and the NICU, what a journey... My youngest was in the NICU for only a week but it was definitely a rough ride for me.


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