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When I was in the hospital on bed rest the plan for me was to just sit (or lay) tight. My Dr came and saw me every single day and examined me every day, she heard my lungs, felt for the baby, asked me the same routine questions. She asked me them so much I would just answer: NO leaking, bleeding or spotting. Trust me, if there was they would be the first to know. At 30 weeks my perinatologist came to see if my cervix had shortened anymore. It had been 4 weeks since he checked me into the hospital. He came with his machine and right there in my hospital bed, like everything else, he checked my cervix. To my wonderful delight, my cervix had not gotten any shorter, in fact with the bed rest and my medications it had actually gotten a little longer. I couldn't have been happier. I told myself I was doing everything I could to keep my cervix strong and baby in, but I know a part of me would have been disappointed if my cervix had change for the worse. Whenever I saw my perinatologist he would tell me "I know you want to know when you can go home." He then said, if your cervix doesn't show anymore changes at 32 weeks, we're gonna send you home! WHAAAAT?!?! HOME? I was ridiculously excited. I guess I did but I was perfectly content staying in the hospital til I reached 36 weeks July 15. At 32 weeks I had another ultrasound to check my cervix and to my glorious delight my perinatologist told me my cervix had actually gotten longer once again, just a centimeter but I took whatever I could get. And then he said he felt comfortable sending me home! I packed everything up, got in my wheelchair, hugged every single nurse and came home.

Okay I'm going to be completely honest with you, coming home was wonderful, but it wasn't easy. Something I learned very quickly was although being in the hospital was difficult because I was away from my family and pups and nice comfy bed, the nurses made life very easy. They brought me my meds, gave me sponge baths, brought me food if I needed, emptied my commode…they did everything. HOME…Jerry, my mom and sisters did all these things but the day your sister has to empty your commode your life changes :) no but really, those were things that were the most difficult. I had to make sure on a daily basis whenever someone left me, I had plenty of gatorade, water and snacks to hold me over til the next shift. I took my bed rest very seriously, I wasn't a bed rest cheater that "quickly" grabbed anything from the kitchen, in fact I didn't go into the kitchen til the day I came home from the hospital.

I stayed home from the hospital for exactly 4 weeks, only leaving the house to go see my fabulous Dr. On the 4th week at exactly 36 weeks, our sweet James was born….but first a couple belly shots (just because I want to share them on this little space)

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