national donut day

Description of Photo I wish I blogged in real time, for the most point I don't, but yesterday was national donut day and it's something to be celebrated! I didn't even know national donut day existed til about a few months ago. Any national-eat-something-yummy-day and I'm there! So yesterday my sister and I celebrated, by taking silly pictures and eating lots of donuts. We ate two each and for us that's a lot considering one, is more than enough! We ate the second donut shortly after in n out too, we just couldn't wait! Yesterday was a fun day. I seriously need to stop eating! All the nurses here and family and friends keep telling me it's okay and my weight is fine eventho I'm on my way to gaining way more than I did with Ardo, but if I didn't love food before, I really appreciate the variety now. Description of Photo Hope you enjoyed your donuts yesterday and everyday!!


  1. wow, i didn't even know there was such a thing as national donut day, although it sounds like my kind of party! hope you and your growing babe continue to do well!

  2. Those donuts look so good. I kind of think every day should be nation donut day because they are seriously the best!


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