washing the car

Ardo's favorite thing to do is to be outside. Well going outside and eating snack, that little boy loooooves his snacks! Over the weekend it was CRAZY hot here. When Jerry needed to wash the car, Ardo got excited, mainly because he loves to help Jerry with everything. He takes out the trash, sweeps, washes the car, and when Jerry isn't here he puts on make up with me or helps me take out the trash. Sunday was car washing and Ardo immediately grabbed the hose.

First he wet the car…. car washing then he decided he was hot so he needed to wet his head…for just a second car washing then he decided the inside of the car needed to be washed too, so he tried to help daddy and open the car door to get a head start (thankfully he didn't) car washing and lastly of course try and wet everyone else…oh this guy car washing

p.s. we turned off the water right after these pictures…Ardo played in puddles since the floor makes big puddles quickly.

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