progesterone injections :: a little pregnancy talk

This time around with my pregnancy and anymore pregnancies that would come (although this is more than likely our last) I am considered high risk because of my spontaneous preterm labor. I know I say spontaneous preterm labor a lot but my Dr told me because it was spontaneous and its nothing that can be pin pointed, it can be harder to figure out. From my first appointment my Dr told me at about 16 weeks I would start progesterone injections. 16 weeks came and I was really scared. I read (probably not the best thing to do) all about progesterone injections. I read the good and the bad. Many women reported feeling no different except for a little soreness in the shot area, but other than that, they were fine. Of course I also read stories of women feeling very nauseas after and it lasting all day, or stories of the women that gained double the weight and said progesterone was the reason or the shot area was so painful they could barely walk when they were finished. It scared me a little bit but honestly anything, ANYTHING is better than having to be in that hospital away from Jerry and Ardo. I am happy to report that after 8 progesterone shots I have felt no side effects. My nurse and I have basically become besties since I see her once a week. She switches up which side of my lower back she gives me the injections each week so the other side is able to recover. She pinches my fat so I don't feel the needle going in (thank you love handles!) but after a second the only pain I do feel is when she gets it into that muscle. THAT is painful but only lasts about 10-20 seconds and we're done and talking about our dogs again. If anybody has any questions please feel free to comment or email me and I'd be more than happy to answer questions and just show some support, pregnancies come in all shapes and sizes and mine comes with a side of shots! Only 10 more to go!

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