mothers day

This year for Mother's Day I wanted to plan something fun and special. Buuuut since I'm in the hospital, plans changed. My family and Jerry's family and Jerry of course made it as special as it could be. First I was nice and "clean" for everyone on Sunday because I was able to get a sponge bath in the morning. Sponge baths are really becoming a luxury around here. They aren't the same as a regular shower but I digress. Jerry came with Ardo in the morning and brought me sprinkles cupcakes and a new water bottle. My old CamelBak was on her way out. Jerry stepped it up a notch too, this CamelBak is so fancy with its own filter. Jerry also brought me taco bell nachos, something about those nachos, I just love! Ardo ate and gave me my gifts and listened to baby brothers heartbeat and then about 45 minutes into our visit he's ready to do something else. I don't blame the little guy its hard to be confined to a room where there a million buttons to press and you can't press a single one! Our visits aren't that long but I love every second. On Mothers Day I was reminded as a mom sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and right now that's what I'm doing, its completely worth it, but nonetheless still a sacrifice.

Are you ready for a bunch of pictures of me in my bed with my gifts?? You've come to the right spot!!
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  1. I'm glad that you were still able to have a special Mother's Day from the hospital - I'm sure it will always be a special memory! I hope you're doing well - hang in there Mama!!


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