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Well folks, here I am, 27 weeks and I've been put on bedrest. Not just regular bed rest either, hospital bed rest. I was so hoping I wouldn't need bedrest time around, but my dang cervix is just doing whatever she wants. Trust me I've given her lots of talking to's but like many things in life, it's outta my control. About a week or so ago, I had an ultrasound and my Perinatologist told me my cervix was starting to shorten. I was totally bummed but he told me to take it easy, cut back at work, at home, everywhere! He also prescribed me more progesterone, to help my cervix either stop growing, or with cutting back, possibly lengthening it again. I did what he told me and cut back everywhere. One day when I was home resting, I started having contractions. I laid down, I drank lots of water but I could feel I was still having them. I called my Dr and they told me to go to the hospital. So Jerry and I packed up, books, snacks and water and headed to the hospital. I was just sure, I wouldn't be coming home. After a few hours, an IV and some procardia, I was able to come home. I'm familiar with procardia because I was on the same medication with Ardo. I left the hospital that night and had a Dr appointment the next day and she told me the words I was hoping to avoid BEDREST. I thought I was doing well, I was on complete bed rest for an entire week only getting up to use the restroom. I had a follow up appointment with my Perinatologist the following Tuesday. Unfortunately, he informed us that my cervix had shortened again, and with those words he said, we need to hospitalize you. My face, I couldn't see my own face but I'm sure the look of holy shit balls came across my face like no other. From there I checked into the hospital and I've been here ever since. As of right now the plan is to keep me here for the next 9 weeks. 36 weeks and I can be released. Right now, that is my Dr's plan. I am here laying in bed, just being pregnant. Thats all I can ask for, stay pregnant for as long as possible. I have fully committed and surrendered myself to the next 9 weeks. If baby needs me to be in here laying down, taking it the easiest as possible, then lay here I must. I keep thinking the next 9 weeks means nothing because once our newest little love is here, we'll have forever to all be together. Ardo isn't having the easiest time, he misses me and I miss him. Jerry has brought him 3 times and we Skype every night. We are so so thankful for our families. They are helping us a ridiculous amount, I don't think I can ever repay them for what they're doing but we love them so much. This is going to be a journey, but one I will take!
If anyone has any tips on bedrest I would greatly appreciate it! I will be updating from my good ol' hospital room! Description of Photo


  1. So sorry you're going through all this! Prayers that your baby stays put!

  2. Text me if you ever get bored....


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