Description of Photo You know why Fridays are even more awesome than ever???? They're my showers days now, yup I'm showering once a week and that's on Friday! About a week ago I was given the privilege of a shower! Yes the privilege, sponge baths are great and I really value the pca's here who wash me up, but there is nothing in this world like a shower. Did I mention I haven't washed my hair in 17 days? My poor mom and sisters have been brushing it out for me but geez the crazy knots it gets in just one day is ridiculous! Luckily high buns are very acceptable around here. :) Oh and dry shampoo is a savior. I know I'm in the hospital but when you are clean and look decent, you feel that way too, and that helps to keep my spirits up! It doesn't hurt I have a mom sisters who will shave my legs and blow dry my hair. I was so cool today and wore a t shirt for a little bit too! Description of Photo

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