my mamas birthday

Description of Photo My mom with her ardie at his 3rd birthday.

Today my mom turns 60. My mom is the greatest one of a kind woman. She's for sure the funniest. We can't even try and get mad at her because she always does something or makes a really funny face and we're right back laughing.
I often wonder who I would be without such a strong amazing role model. I remember even as a kid thinking how cool she was. When we were little and even now, but when we were little my mom was able to stay home with us. I didn't know not everyones parents were able to do that, I just knew how happy I was to see my mom everyday after school. How happy I was to be able to unload my whole day on my mom. Unfortunately I'm a working mom, but fortunately for Ardo after preschool, he goes with his nana!

You know how I mentioned my mom is the greatest, when I was on bed rest with Ardo my mom came every single weekday, on the weekends I had more visitors and Jerry would stay with me, when I was put in the hospital this time we knew it was for at least 10 weeks and my mom has been here every single day again. I can't tell you how little you feel when at 29 and your mom needs to help you shower, that's how I know how amazing she is. I was hoping so much to have a nice party or get together for my mom this year, but since I'm here (in the hospital) we have to hold off a little. As soon as I'm outta this place tho, its on, at least a fancy lunch!! I love you mom, happy birthday! Description of Photo Description of Photo A toothless me and my mom mom, I'm pretty sure I was in kindergarden here, I see my teachers in the background so I can only assume. :) Description of Photo



Description of Photo You know why Fridays are even more awesome than ever???? They're my showers days now, yup I'm showering once a week and that's on Friday! About a week ago I was given the privilege of a shower! Yes the privilege, sponge baths are great and I really value the pca's here who wash me up, but there is nothing in this world like a shower. Did I mention I haven't washed my hair in 17 days? My poor mom and sisters have been brushing it out for me but geez the crazy knots it gets in just one day is ridiculous! Luckily high buns are very acceptable around here. :) Oh and dry shampoo is a savior. I know I'm in the hospital but when you are clean and look decent, you feel that way too, and that helps to keep my spirits up! It doesn't hurt I have a mom sisters who will shave my legs and blow dry my hair. I was so cool today and wore a t shirt for a little bit too! Description of Photo


mothers day

This year for Mother's Day I wanted to plan something fun and special. Buuuut since I'm in the hospital, plans changed. My family and Jerry's family and Jerry of course made it as special as it could be. First I was nice and "clean" for everyone on Sunday because I was able to get a sponge bath in the morning. Sponge baths are really becoming a luxury around here. They aren't the same as a regular shower but I digress. Jerry came with Ardo in the morning and brought me sprinkles cupcakes and a new water bottle. My old CamelBak was on her way out. Jerry stepped it up a notch too, this CamelBak is so fancy with its own filter. Jerry also brought me taco bell nachos, something about those nachos, I just love! Ardo ate and gave me my gifts and listened to baby brothers heartbeat and then about 45 minutes into our visit he's ready to do something else. I don't blame the little guy its hard to be confined to a room where there a million buttons to press and you can't press a single one! Our visits aren't that long but I love every second. On Mothers Day I was reminded as a mom sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and right now that's what I'm doing, its completely worth it, but nonetheless still a sacrifice.

Are you ready for a bunch of pictures of me in my bed with my gifts?? You've come to the right spot!!
Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo


hospital bed rest :: a little pregnancy talk

Well folks, here I am, 27 weeks and I've been put on bedrest. Not just regular bed rest either, hospital bed rest. I was so hoping I wouldn't need bedrest time around, but my dang cervix is just doing whatever she wants. Trust me I've given her lots of talking to's but like many things in life, it's outta my control. About a week or so ago, I had an ultrasound and my Perinatologist told me my cervix was starting to shorten. I was totally bummed but he told me to take it easy, cut back at work, at home, everywhere! He also prescribed me more progesterone, to help my cervix either stop growing, or with cutting back, possibly lengthening it again. I did what he told me and cut back everywhere. One day when I was home resting, I started having contractions. I laid down, I drank lots of water but I could feel I was still having them. I called my Dr and they told me to go to the hospital. So Jerry and I packed up, books, snacks and water and headed to the hospital. I was just sure, I wouldn't be coming home. After a few hours, an IV and some procardia, I was able to come home. I'm familiar with procardia because I was on the same medication with Ardo. I left the hospital that night and had a Dr appointment the next day and she told me the words I was hoping to avoid BEDREST. I thought I was doing well, I was on complete bed rest for an entire week only getting up to use the restroom. I had a follow up appointment with my Perinatologist the following Tuesday. Unfortunately, he informed us that my cervix had shortened again, and with those words he said, we need to hospitalize you. My face, I couldn't see my own face but I'm sure the look of holy shit balls came across my face like no other. From there I checked into the hospital and I've been here ever since. As of right now the plan is to keep me here for the next 9 weeks. 36 weeks and I can be released. Right now, that is my Dr's plan. I am here laying in bed, just being pregnant. Thats all I can ask for, stay pregnant for as long as possible. I have fully committed and surrendered myself to the next 9 weeks. If baby needs me to be in here laying down, taking it the easiest as possible, then lay here I must. I keep thinking the next 9 weeks means nothing because once our newest little love is here, we'll have forever to all be together. Ardo isn't having the easiest time, he misses me and I miss him. Jerry has brought him 3 times and we Skype every night. We are so so thankful for our families. They are helping us a ridiculous amount, I don't think I can ever repay them for what they're doing but we love them so much. This is going to be a journey, but one I will take!
If anyone has any tips on bedrest I would greatly appreciate it! I will be updating from my good ol' hospital room! Description of Photo


26 weeks :: a little pregnancy talk

Description of Photo How far along: 26 weeks
How big is baby?: Baby is the size of head of lettuce. Baby center said scallion and for some reason I didn't like that, so lettuce it is!
Gender: Boy and everytime we go we double check to make sure he is still a boy!
Weight gain: 12 pounds.
Maternity clothes: yes but unfortunately I won't be needing them now!
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out:OUT waaay out!
Sleep: okay I guess
Movement: Very strong, you can see his kicks, kicking out of my stomach.
Cravings:Still no, but eating just a lot of everything
Miss Anything: Getting up, moving, doing the norm!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Are you on bed rest? YES! More on that later!

*sorry this picture is so fuzzy!*


washing the car

Ardo's favorite thing to do is to be outside. Well going outside and eating snack, that little boy loooooves his snacks! Over the weekend it was CRAZY hot here. When Jerry needed to wash the car, Ardo got excited, mainly because he loves to help Jerry with everything. He takes out the trash, sweeps, washes the car, and when Jerry isn't here he puts on make up with me or helps me take out the trash. Sunday was car washing and Ardo immediately grabbed the hose.

First he wet the car…. car washing then he decided he was hot so he needed to wet his head…for just a second car washing then he decided the inside of the car needed to be washed too, so he tried to help daddy and open the car door to get a head start (thankfully he didn't) car washing and lastly of course try and wet everyone else…oh this guy car washing

p.s. we turned off the water right after these pictures…Ardo played in puddles since the floor makes big puddles quickly.


progesterone injections :: a little pregnancy talk

This time around with my pregnancy and anymore pregnancies that would come (although this is more than likely our last) I am considered high risk because of my spontaneous preterm labor. I know I say spontaneous preterm labor a lot but my Dr told me because it was spontaneous and its nothing that can be pin pointed, it can be harder to figure out. From my first appointment my Dr told me at about 16 weeks I would start progesterone injections. 16 weeks came and I was really scared. I read (probably not the best thing to do) all about progesterone injections. I read the good and the bad. Many women reported feeling no different except for a little soreness in the shot area, but other than that, they were fine. Of course I also read stories of women feeling very nauseas after and it lasting all day, or stories of the women that gained double the weight and said progesterone was the reason or the shot area was so painful they could barely walk when they were finished. It scared me a little bit but honestly anything, ANYTHING is better than having to be in that hospital away from Jerry and Ardo. I am happy to report that after 8 progesterone shots I have felt no side effects. My nurse and I have basically become besties since I see her once a week. She switches up which side of my lower back she gives me the injections each week so the other side is able to recover. She pinches my fat so I don't feel the needle going in (thank you love handles!) but after a second the only pain I do feel is when she gets it into that muscle. THAT is painful but only lasts about 10-20 seconds and we're done and talking about our dogs again. If anybody has any questions please feel free to comment or email me and I'd be more than happy to answer questions and just show some support, pregnancies come in all shapes and sizes and mine comes with a side of shots! Only 10 more to go!


ardo's safari adventure

We had a little (big) birthday party for Ardo on Saturday. I was stressed for the whole month, well probably two months, but when the month of April hit, I was on it. I tried my very best not to wait to the last minute and I did a pretty good job. I was so happy with how everything turned out and Ardo was so so happy! We didn't have a birthday last year because Jerry wasn't home (remember those 6 months he was in North Dakota) and this year I was determined because this is his last birthday as an only child and I thought it was very important. Ardo turned 3 this year, and we got him a big ole jumper. He loved the slide and he had about 5 cake pops! He never has that many sweets.
It rained the night before and I wanted to CRY. Everyone kept telling me it would only rain tonight and by the next day it would stop. I just wasn't sure once the rain came down. I went to bed at 12am Friday night and the rain was still going. About 4 am I woke up to use the bathroom and STILL the rain was coming down. At 7am I was woken up by a hungry Ardo and when I opened my eyes I heard the birds chirping and saw the sun shining through. I was so relieved!! When we got to the park at 11 even the grass was dry. It was great weather…a little windy but I would take a little breeze over rain anyway!! Now onto our party!

Our dessert table is the kissing booth we used for our baby announcement and I made the burlap skirt with a rotary cutter and burlap. Our desserts were made by Julie, and she had the little boxes for the cake pops. I borrowed Laura's tree plates to put our cupcakes on and the tree bowls and #3 are from Save On Crafts. When I came across the tree bowls and #3 they were PERFECT and for the prices I almost got more, it's one of my new favorite websites! safari party safari party safari party safari party safari party safari party Our giant safari animals were a hit at the party! From the very beginning I told Jerry his main job was to figure out a way for safari animals to not fall! They came with such a flimsy back I just knew the wind would take them right over. Thankfully Jerry and his dad found a way. They used velcro and wood in the back of the animals along with a stake to use in the dirt. They hammered them in and only the giraffe leaned a little once, but other than that they stayed straight up! Every time someone took a picture with them, my heart was happy! safari party safari partyo I couldn't decide exactly how I wanted the centerpieces, it was a few different ideas together. We use velcro for the bottom of the animals because I wanted to make sure they stayed on. My mom found the plants at Michaels and when she texted me they were perfect, so she cleaned them out. A few days later Jerry and I were on another Michaels run and we came across the animals. They were a little pricey but they were exactly what I was looking for when I wanted an animal/plant centerpiece. safari party safari party
 photo b3b60f0e-eaba-49fd-8b49-87ea25286a34.jpg photo a7ea5295-9aa5-4ead-b6e3-cd578e40ed7b.jpg
I wanted animals everywhere and that meant the food table too. My sister Marcy (and Ardo's nina) put together our animal banner, she always helps me, I love her. safari party safari animal Our goodies for the kids. We gave each child a safari hat, a little burlap bag with candy and a few animals, an animal mask and little binoculars. Jerry made the binoculars. I showed him this tutorial and he made a very similar version. He was really proud, I was telling everyone Jerry made the binoculars, a good crafty husband needs credit too. I was asked if I made the animals masks. I would say "well I put them together if that counts?" It counts for something right?!?! safari animal safari animal Our fruit hippo was made by Auntie Mai. I just loved it!! safari animal A family picture with the animals! safari animal Where Ardo was most of the day, if he wasn't at the dessert table! safari animal He had such an awesome party, it was worth every second of stress!

*I've mentioned this before but because our little guy is the III we call him Ardo at home and on this blog, but for events and christmas cards I just go by Jerry. Honestly tho he has about 10 thousands nicknames

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