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When I was pregnant with Ardo we had a 12 week ultrasound with an ultrasound Dr, they told us you are having a boy! I knew it tho, and I know I've said this story a few times, but I just knew with Ardo from the moment I read that test I knew that he was a boy. I don't know how I knew but something just told me. (I may have mentioned that before a few times) This baby tho has been different. From the moment I found out with this baby, I was completely thrown off because I was sick from about 5 weeks to 10 weeks. Okay when I say I was sick I mean, I didn't feel good every morning. I actually don't like using the word "sick" because I know some women who have REAL morning sickness and can't leave the toilet bowl. I wasn't that women and to you ladies that do, I bow to you, but for me to wake up every morning and not feel good with a toddler you need to get to preschool and an 8 hour day, it still sucked for me. So because the start of pregnancy was different, I thought maybe it's so different because we are having a girl? The thought crossed my mind, but I thought if I have a girl that would be great, but it would also be great to give Ardo a little brother. I wasn't sure how early we would find out the sex of this baby because I know all ultrasound Dr's are different and usually they like to wait til about 18-20 weeks to be a little more accurate. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and at 13 weeks. At my 13 week scan, I asked the ultrasound Dr if it was too early too determine the sex, she said I can check if you want to know? I said yes and then she asked how old my son was, then asked if I saved any of his clothes? I said 2 and no I didn't, she said that's okay you can buy him new clothes, because you are having a boy! After she told us she saw this baby was a boy from the beginning of the scan but wasnt sure if I wanted to know. I was happy and kinda had a "wow" feeling. Really a boy...brothers! I came to work that day and at lunch time I raced over to the mall. I went straight to baby gap to find a little outfit I could give to Jerry as a gift to let him know he going to have another son. I bought him this Description of Photo all day he asked me to tell him but for once I kept a secret (for 5 hours) and let him be surprised. He pulled it out of the bag and said "A BOY!!" Jerry was excited, and from that day forward Ardo knows he's going to have a baby brother. Everyday we talk about baby brother, he kisses my tummy for baby brother. I think Ardo thinks baby brothers name is baby brother, that's all we ever say. I have a feeling we'll be saying it for a long time too. I am 20 weeks right now, we are officially halfway there to meeting this little guy. I've wanted to take a few pictures but the next time I don't want to be in my pj's. Happy Friday!

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