i almost went to the hospital.....for gas

Yay! Now that I've told my wonderful news I have a couple stories to tell about the last 15 weeks. I found out really early, I was only 4 weeks. I've read so many stories and have had so many people tell me how different you are with your second child. But the thing about me is, I'm queen of the worry warts. I knew when I got pregnant for a second time I would feel exactly like I did with Ardo, scared and wanting everything to be fine and perfect and maaaybe obsess over every feeling in my abdomen. This story is about a little obsession I had one day. I've had this story ready to go for awhile now. I wrote it right after it happened because I didn't want to forget, but I needed to make my announcement first. Now that I've made my announcement here's my story:
As I mentioned I found out I was pregnant really early on. The day I found out I went to dinner with my mom and our friend Julie. We were joking about me being pregnant and I thought oh my today is supposed to be the first day of my "monthly visitor." I went home and because I knew Jerry and I had started trying I had already bought a pregnancy test. I know for the best results you're supposed to take the tests in the morning but I thought "If I'm pregnant I'm pregnant" I took the test, waited 2 minutes to look, and sure enough those two little lines appeared clear as day! I was soooo happy but also a little "aaaahhh!" but sooo happy, Jerry and I didn't think it would happen thaaaat fast, maybe a few months like it did with Ardo, not...1 month! The only downside to knowing early was waiting to get a Dr appointment, having my blood work and all that jazz. One of the first things I noticed was I started having cramping soon after I found out. I don't ever remember having cramping with Ardo and although every pregnancy is different it kinda freaked me out. I would have the cramping then it would go away then it would come back. It wasn't sooo painful I couldn't walk but it was consistent. After a few days of googling I saw that as long as it wasn't in the same area and the cramps were mild I would be okay. I didn't want to feel crazy and call the Dr over something small especially as a second time mom, buuuuut I just couldn't help myself and after a few days I gave in and called the Dr. She called me back quickly and asked me to describe how I felt. I told her exactly what I was feeling and she said "hmmmm can I ask you, do you feel better when you pass gas?" I hadn't noticed whether passing gas made me feel any different so I said I didn't know but I didn't think so. She said, "well what you are describing sounds very much like gas." GAS??!?! GAS??!? Was she sure? Just GAS! I literally had a fight with Jerry the day before because I was contiplating going to urgent care, maybe even the hospital! Pain indicates something is wrong and I didn't want anything to be wrong with our little peanut....then I laughed because at that moment I felt ridiculous!!! I could imagine me waiting in the hospital for hours to be seen at the ER, telling my symptoms and them telling me to take a tums and chill pill and not to come back until I had my baby! Oops! I apologized to my dr and told her I promise I'll check my gas before calling. :)

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