This weekend I had my eye set on one thing, buying a table for our kitchen. Our apartment is very small, in the beginning we decided to do without a table. It probably wasn't the best idea. If it were just Jerry and I that would be one thing, but we aren't doing Ardo any favors on sitting at a table and finishing his meal. A while ago we went to Ikea and saw the perfect little table for our kitchen. We kept telling each other we were gonna get it and this weekend we decided to take the plunge. I tell Ardo we're going to Ikea like its Chuck E. Cheese. Really, it kinda is, but for me too. Lets be honest, I could spend hours looking at everything and trying to fit new shelves or whatever in our small space. But we tried to stay on track and ventured over to the table section. I see that pretty little table I've been eyeing forever but I notice something. The chairs that go with the table for the color I wanted are bigger than the other chairs they have. Then I noticed the chairs that came with the table don't push into the table all the way to make the table compact. They would be sticking out a lot when we weren't using them. Soooo I had to pass it up and say no. I was so mad at myself for not checking these details out before we decided on the table. So now we still have no kitchen table and I'm back to square one....I hate being in that square!

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