i am such a sore loser

Description of Photo The picture above was taken BEFORE we started playing.

Want to know a secret about me? I'm really really competitive. I'm so competitive I rarely play games. I just can't take the losing. I hate to lose, I hate when my teams lose. I'm the sorest of sore losers. Occasionally I'll play and game, I try and tell myself it's for fun but really I want to win. New Year's Eve was one of the those times I told myself I was going to play for fun. Helen (my mother in law) bought a new game for us called Battle of the Sexes. It sounded fun and I love games when there are teams because it makes for a much for exciting time. Battle of the Sexes started out fun. This is how it's played, each team has questions to ask the opposing team. Women have womenlike questions to ask the men and men have menlike questions to ask the women. The questions started out very even. They were questions that men or women would know. As the game went on tho the questions for the women (in my opinion) started getting harder, but the mens questions stayed the same.


Mens question: What is this device? It was the picture of a nail dryer.
Men: Nail Dryer

Womens questions: What is the rope on a bow and arrow called when you want your bow to do such and such?
Women (faces look puzzled): How the hell should we know, you guys don't even know that!!!

The men themselves didn't know some of the harder history or bow and arrow questions we got. Oh yeah and there were history questions. Why that game would think men are history whizzes, I have no idea. Oh also when I play games, I'm no longer married or have any friends on the opposing team. I was arguing with Jerry over rules, I'm a every man for himself kinda player or every team. Do you see why I named this post sore loser. So we lost, and BOY was I pissed! I think because we played against mostly husbands, we've taught them all way to much about a womens way. When we started the game we didn't have any wagers but when we lost the men said we had to take shots and without blinking an eye I said I wasn't going to take S!!! (you can fill in what S word I used) Just when you thought I couldn't get any sorer :). I start throwing S bombs. I've concluded that at 29 this is just how I am.
I'm responsible with my soreness in that (as I mentioned before) I often will pass on playing a game because I know me. So there's a little secret about me.
Our pajama party was great tho, it was so nice to have a low key-dance party in our pajamas to bring in the New Year. Ardo stayed up til 12:30am. Poor little guy he was tired but didn't want to take the plunge and fall asleep and that was fine by us. I wanted him to stay up this year. He woke up at 8:30am on New Years Day, I was hoping for 9am but I'll take it! Hope you had a very Happy New Year! Description of Photo Right after we brought in the New Year, I made up with him by then. I'm just a wee bit tired. Description of Photo Ardo sporting his 2014 shades!

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