Sometimes I'll come across new recipes that are healthy, easy, and seem like they'll be great! This happened last Sunday morning. Last Sunday was a busy day, Jerry had to do some volunteer work with the Red Cross so our morning was a little rushed. I asked him to go to the market because I really wanted to try a banana-egg pancake recipe I'd seen on pinterest (I'm not going to link it cause....well you'll see). So being a nice husband he went to the market and picked me up some bacon and ripe bananas. I followed the recipe and used two eggs and one large banana. Then I cooked it like a regular pancake and started taking a few pictures thinking "oh I should blog about this." But after I made the first one, I tasted it.........okay why the girl on pinterest assured me these "pancakes" were delicious? I have no idea. They weren't!! They were god awful!! You know when you taste something and its just missing all the really good ingredients? Yeah that's what this was. I made a couple more thinking maybe I just have to get used to it. NO! Disgusting! Here's the thing, a few weeks ago I started weight watchers. I really want to get my body to my prepregnancy weight before I have another baby. It might sound silly to some, but to me, it's something that definitely makes me feel good, to eat right and exercise and maintain my body goals. So to eat something like banana pancakes made out of bananas, I was using very little points and I could eat a few slices of bacon. Well it didn't turn out that way, I put a little syrup on the pancakes, but no no no, just gross. I ended up just eating two slices of bacon and called it a morning. I would have had 3 but Ardo snagged one. I called my sister and she said she had tried them a few weeks ago and they were gross too, we usually talk about everything but she kept the not so tasty pankcakes to herself. She said she also felt deceived because after the youtuber made the pancakes she ate them like they were the best things ever....apparently that youtuber was an actrees.
Lesson learned One:: not everything that has fewer calories or is an alternative will taste good. Two :: always have a back up breakfast! Description of Photo ^^^seem decent, but no^^^


  1. really!!!?? I tried those and actually liked them pretty well...mine looked really gross though.

  2. There is a website called Pintester. Its a girl who tries out popular pins from Pintrest and tells you if they rock or not. Its usually full of laughs.


  3. haha i hate when this happens! i'm sorry, but always good to try because sometimes there are great recipes on there! XO

    the well-traveled wife ♥

  4. I agree - sometimes diet food tastes like CRAP!

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