This year when we had our Christmas pictures taken Ardo was such a BUTTHEAD!! First off Ardo no longer naps. Yes I know, it's terrible and I don't mind letting them "cry it out" but for naps, I just don't think it's worth the stress. If he was 6 months I might feel differently (in fact I did) but at 2 1/2 I'm okay with letting him stay up. Ardo will always take naps in the car and it normally works fine for us. The Saturday we chose to take our pictures Ardo did just that. We decided to meet up at 3pm, we left our house a few minutes before 2pm. Before we were even out of the driveway Ardo was asleep. The drive was going to take at least 30-45 minutes and normally this is fine for him. He usually wakes up refreshed and ready to play or just ready to be awake. But of course on the Saturday we had our pictures taken he decided to wake up and be a crab. A BUTTHEAD CRAB! Normally he won't act crabby around other people, he knows the difference between how he can act with Jerry and I and how he acts around others, but Saturday he could have cared less who the heck was around, it was butthead time in full force. Ardo didn't want to sit with us, he didn't want to smile, he didn't want to walk, he only wanted to be carried and that was it. The first 20 minutes I was very patient, I kept telling myself it wasn't his fault and that he just needed some time to warm up. I kept telling myself that over and over again, hoping he would snap out of it. He didn't. Jerry brought 3 "secret weapons" which are so secret I can't tell you....just kidding its just lollipops, dum dums to be exact. After 20 minutes Jerry decided it was dum dum time. He ate the dum dum and then went right back to being in a bad mood. It bummed me out a bit because the past two years we have taken our Christmas pictures he has been an angel. I guess we can't win them all. Thankfully Terri is such an amazing photographer and was still able to capture some good ones. I won't be sharing our actual Christmas card til after I send them out but plan on framing a few of these pictures for my mom as part of her Christmas gifts. My mom is so easy, pictures in a frame and she's as happy as a clam!
ps I don't normally refer to Ardo as a butthead because normally he's really sweet and cooperates and we get a few smiles and it's great. This particular day I just couldn't think of another word to describe the attitude. Some may say toddlerhood but I like to narrow it down! Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo enjoying his dum dum Description of Photo and flying in the air


  1. Pictures are such a nightmare with kids, but you guys look really good! I always dread picture day, but I'm so glad that I have them. I'm Bon's sister by the way. Beck. www.tortoisegirl.com

    1. Thanks!! Im glad we had some to choose from but I just wish Ardo hadn't been a pain that day!

  2. Love the flannels!!
    These pictures are too cute. c:


    1. Thanks so much! I wanted to make it easy this year and just go with flannels.


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