old navy on thanksgiving

Description of Photo I haven't gone black Friday shopping in a really really long time. I just never need anything that badly where I want to stand in line all day and night and leave my family for a deal. I also can't stand the crowds or the parking. This Thanksgiving felt very low key. Jerry's dad had knee surgery on Monday so we all went to Jerry's family's house and ate our turkey. It's so nice because my family comes too so theres no cutting it short and having to go to two places. One house and we eat til we're stuffed.
Want to know a secret? I don't like turkey, this is the 4th Thanksgiving that's come and gone and I don't have turkey. I love everything else but I'm a ham girl. I love all the sides tho (who doesn't) but turkey has just never been my thing.
In the past few days, I've been visiting Old Navy a loooot. We had our Christmas pictures taken over the weekend and I just couldn't decide what I wanted Ardo to wear. While I was there I couldn't help but browse and found gifts too. I saw that Old Navy was opening at 7 on Thanksgiving night. I thought to myself maybe I should go. But if I went I wanted a plan. First I wanted to get a ride instead of hasseling the parking, my mom said she would take my sisters and me. Next my sisters and I figured out exactly what we were looking for and who was in charge of what. Oh then I made a cheer that my sister Marcy REFUSED to do with me! Thankfully I have another sister. About 5pm we left Jerrys parents house and headed to Citadel (Citadel is a local shopping center that used to have nothing but outlets and crazy deals, but now they're more just a outdoor mall, but they do have a great food court). We originally were going to get dropped off but when my mom went into the parking area she found row parking so my mom decided to stay with us. We went straight to Old Navy and lined up. We were the 6th person in line and had to wait about an hour and a half. They had a DJ going and when we arrived Citadel was empty. We could see the workers inside Old Navy, they must have had about 3 group talks in the time we waited. At 6:50pm all the Old Navy employees lined up in the entrance, they opened the doors and the first 50 people went in cheering and high fiving, the workers were clapping, it was cheesy and hilarious all at the same time. There was no fighting over the last anything, no one was trampled or got kicked. Everyone just shopped and at 50% off I got a ton of loot! Great food and great deals! Yes! While I was shopping I was so grateful for Jerry, he's a great father, if I had to take Ardo with me, I would never have gone. That's so unfair for a toddler to be expected to fights the crowds at bedtime. I saw a few too many toddlers out some throwing tantrums and I did feel bad for them. It made me so grateful I have a wonderful husband at home who doesn't mind nighttime duties while his wife shops...on Thanksgiving. :) Description of Photo

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  1. To bad we didn't get a video of mom dancing with that guy in green now that was hilarious!


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