michelada fridays

Description of Photo Jerry and I have this really awesome but probably really bad tradition we've started and have kept going for the past two months, we call it Michelada Fridays. Its really really simple and really yummy. First you go to 7-Eleven and you buy the Michelada cups. Micheladas can be made a variety of ways, very commonly people will add clamato but I HATE clamato so I like to drink them this way. Then you buy some Tecata or your favorite Mexican beer. You pour your powder, which highly resembles lucas, add your beer and drink! Jerry likes to add Tapatio and lime to his, but I like mine just like that. It's so so good. A nice little date under $15 bucks depending on how many beers you get. If you are a parent like Jerry and I and keep it to a 2-3 beer max then your date is $10. Feel free to steal this idea, cause spreading the joy of 7-Eleven Micheladas is why I was put here. :) Description of Photo Description of Photo

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